oVertone 201: Toning Brassiness

We’re going to take a baby step into the toning world today – Not to worry, oVertone is here to give you all the deets!

Toning on your own can be a little frustrating. It’s important to get the right amount of color, on your hair, for a particular amount of time – and there’s not a lot of room for error. But, the results are SUPER satisfying!

I went through a blonde phase recently, and before I went full blown Pumpkin Spice Orange, I toyed with the idea of an ashy blonde color. There’s a whole group of blonde mermaids that love to use our Pastel Purple as a toner for their hair, and I wanted to test it out for myself!

But after I tried some Pastel Purple on my bleached strands, it turned mauve. I had clearly left it on for too long. So, we dove head first into the toning pool, ready to test out some toning theory!

We did strand tests of Pastel Purple on two different blonde colors:

One was more yellow:


The other, closer to platinum:


We applied the Pastel Purple Daily Conditioner to wet hair, and literally left it on for SECONDS. Queen Bella did a little dab-dab, swipe-swipe, and immediately rinsed the strands.


The Results

The yellow blonde came really close to the toned platinum shade, which was exciting, since it started out so much more intense.

And the Platinum strand looked gorgeously cool-toned, and even a little bit silvery in the right light:


Here's the full line up:


Platinum, toned; Yellow, toned


The Full Scoop

A big tip for anyone using oVertone, or looking to tone their hair using our conditioner: SATURATE. Since the application was so quick, it was important to grab a huge glob of conditioner to quickly spread and mush onto the hair. More is always better!