We are color fanatics,
and we are busy people

Busy people who understand busy
people who are also color fanatics

We know what it’s like. Wake up, get to the salon (or your bathroom sink) and sit for a while to maintain GORGEOUS color that puts a smile on your face and a little spring in your step. You’re the happiest happy you’ve ever been. That is, until you have to wash your hair again. You’ve held out as long as you honestly could. Then, well, your color sadly fades. You repeat the whole process over and over until your hair becomes dry, faded and broken from all the efforts spent looking to achieve a certain color.

We don’t want to do that anymore.

Meet oVertone - our color keeping conditioning secret. It’s a two-parter: use the Daily Conditioner whenever you would normally use conditioner, and make a once-a-week spa date for yourself and Go Deep! Our hyper–hydrating extra color boost treatment treat.

Now, our hair color might not be found in nature (right NOW, at least). But that doesn’t mean we don’t care about the earth or the creatures on it. As a company, we’re committed to keeping oVertone vegan and cruelty free. We are constantly re-evaluating our process, looking for more ways to reduce our impact and make consistent eco-friendly driven decisions.

OVertone was created by us, Maegan and Liora! Connected by neverending Skype sessions, we concocted a product that both of us had always wanted – a conditioner that would heal our hair between dye jobs and keeps it looking as bright on day 60 as it does on day 1. We knew tons of friends who had struggled with the same awful fading problems, and we wanted to be the solution. OVertone is an end to cold showers and a reintroduction to heat styling. It’s a way to keep your hair healthy and colourful every day, no matter how often you shampoo. We want to be bold and look the part 24/7, no matter how long ago our last salon trip happened.

Don’t see your color? Our conditioners are made to be mixed together. Do you have more of a pinky-purple shade? Mix our pink and purple conditioners! Have multi-colored hair? Grab some clips and get to sectioning. And please – send us pictures of your creations! We love to see how you stay bold.

Well? What are you waiting for?


Maegan & Liora