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Meet the oVerlords: Lisannette

Ever wonder what's happening in (or on top of) the heads of oVertone's staff? Each month, we're getting one of our resident mermaids, unicorns, or aliens to dish on how they live boldly - and stay that way!

First up is Lisannette (double N, double E, double T!), resident Caticorn and Vice President of Operations. When she's not keeping the Tucson warehouse running, you can find her as @lisannette_pizza on Instagram, and as @lissaaaa_pizza on Snapchat.


What color(s) do you have on your head right now?

Extreme Pink, Vibrant Pink, Vibrant Orange, and Vibrant Yellow!


How did you achieve your look? Maintain it? 

Bleached my roots (from a previous balayage), and then I applied Extreme Pink on my roots, Vibrant Pink from my roots to the middle (of my length), and then Vibrant Orange from the middle of my length toward the bottom, and left about an inch on the bottom where I put Vibrant Yellow all the way around.

I don’t have a lot of hair, so when I use my oVertone I only do a four-way part (down the middle and then across the back to make four sections). Then I start from the lightest color—I put the yellow on the bottom, then the orange, then the Vibrant Pink, and then massage the Extreme Pink into my roots. I mostly do the Go Deep. I don’t really use the Daily that often because I don’t wash my hair every day and my hair holds onto color pretty well so I use the Go Deep about every other wash, and I use it on dry hair.


Favorite color (combo) you've ever rocked? Any plans for what's next? 

I’d say Vibrant Blue’s my favorite. Next, I'm keeping my color-wheel blog series going and making all my hair orange with Vibrant Orange. After that, yellow, and after that, all my hair green, and after that… WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT!


How long have you been dyeing your hair?

The first time I ever dyed my hair I was in fifth grade. My aunt was dying her hair in the house and I begged my mom to let me do it too. It was blonde box dye and I got to dye the front of my bangs… I went to school after that and thought I was the shit! Later on, I was a redhead for basically forever.


Best part of having fantasy hair? 

For me, the best part is that no matter how fucked your hair looks – if it’s frizzy or whatever  it still looks cool because it’s so colorful! Also, people seem to think that you can’t have fantasy hair past 18-20, and I love telling people that’s not true – I’m pushing 32 and I have a full head of pink hair! I’ma be 50 and I’ll probably have blue hair!


How about the most challenging part?

Having natural brown hair! It’s a pain in the ass bleaching, but totally worth it! And now that I know I can get my hair light enough to do this, I’m so ready to do Vibrant Blue again or Pastel Blue and have it be super bold!


Got any coloring or styling hacks to make working with your hair easier? 

YES! So, at night I usually sleep with braids because my pillow case can make my shit super frizzy. And I like to use a lot of leave-in oils to protect my hair from the sun, because the sun dries it out a lot. They make detangling easier because my hair can get itself into knots. 


Give the mermaids, unicorns, and aliens reading this a piece of Random Bold Advice!

Remember that change is the only constant, and that if you’re feeling bored with life, you’re doing something wrong. Basically, just fucking do something different, shake things up, and don’t settle EVER!

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