The Bleach 30 Volume Hair Lightening System
The Bleach 30 Volume Hair Lightening System
The Bleach 30 Volume Hair Lightening System
The Bleach 30 Volume Hair Lightening System
The Bleach 30 Volume Hair Lightening System
The Bleach 30 Volume Hair Lightening System
The Bleach 30 Volume Hair Lightening System

The Bleach 30 Volume Hair Lightening System

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  • Contains: Bleach powder (3 oz.), Developer (6 oz.), Disposable Gloves (1 Pair)
  • Perfect For: Lightening hair up to seven levels. Use by itself or as a perfect base allowing access to even more Coloring Conditioners in our portfolio.
  • Made With: Key plant-based ingredients and nourishing oils to keep your hair looking hydrated and happy
  • Made Without: Ammonia, parabens, phthalates, gluten, SLS, resorcinol, titanium dioxide, synthetic fragrance, and mineral oil
  • Effective On: All hair types and textures
  • Best Results: Be sure hair is dry, unwashed, and detangled prior to lightening. Do not leave the product on for longer than 40 minutes.

The Bleach 30 Volume Hair Lightening System is finally here! Made with a high-performance formula, The Bleach can lift hair up to 7 levels and is expertly formulated with hydrating hero ingredients you and your hair will love.

Just like the rest of oVertone’s product line, The Bleach is 100% vegan, 100% cruelty-free, and suitable for all hair types and textures. The formula is infused with rich ingredients you can feel good about such as Bond Complex, plant-based Squalane, and nourishing botanical oils to help condition and hydrate your hair while lightening.

Formulated with Toning Violet Micro Pigment, The Bleach is an all-in-one product that will help to neutralize unwanted yellow or brassy tones that come with lightening. All these ingredients work cohesively to help combat some of the damaging effects caused by hair bleaching, all while achieving a perfect canvas for all your hair color goals.

Free from Harsh Chemicals

Phthalates, SLS, SLES, Parabens, DMDM Hydantoin, Urea, Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, DEA/TEA/MEA/ETA, Formaldehyde

Key Ingredients:

  • Plant-Based Squalane It helps to replenish hair strands by adding moisture. Leaves hair looking smooth and shiny.
  • Toning Violet Micro Pigment Aids in neutralizing strands to help eliminate unwanted yellow or brassy tones.
  • Bond Complex Deeply conditions to help increase the sheen & strength of the hair and aids in taming unwanted frizz.
  • Aloe Leaf Juice Rich in vitamins A, C, & E. Keeps your hair looking healthier, shinier, and softer.
  • Passionfruit Seed Oil Rich in linoleic acid that helps to hydrate, nourish, and revitalize strands.
  • Amla Oil It aids in improving your hair's overall appearance with the help of vitamins C, E, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Baobab Oil Helps deeply hydrate dry and damaged hair with this ancient remedy historically used as a deep conditioning treatment.

POWDER BLEACH INGREDIENTS: Potassium Persulfate, Sodium Persulfate, Sodium Silicate, Sodium Metasilicate, Ethylhexyl Pelargonate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, EDTA, Hydrated Silica, Sodium Stearate, Sorbitol, Aluminum Distearate, Squalane, Silica, fragrance (parfum)*, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, Passiflora Incarnata (Passionfruit) Seed Oil, Adansonia Digitata (Boabab) Seed Oil, Emblica Officinalis (Amla Indian Gooseberry) Fruit Extract, Brassica Campestris (Rapeseed) Seed Oil, Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil, Aspergillus Ferment, Arginine, Ext. D&C Violet No. 2 (CI 60730), Limonene, *Natural Fragrance

CREAM DEVELOPER INGREDIENTS: Water (Aqua, Eau), Hydrogen Peroxide, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth-20, Lauryl Alcohol, DI-C12-15 Pareth-4, Phosphate, Myristyl Alcohol, Ceteth-2, Cetrimonium Chloride, Tetrasodium EDTA, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Phosphoric Acid

How long should I leave The Bleach 30 Volume Hair Lightening System on my hair?

The Bleach can be left on for 15-40 minutes. Please check on your hair every 5-10 minutes to see when your desired level of lightness has been achieved and to avoid over-processing.

Can I bleach out existing oVertone color that is in my hair?

Bleach works best at targeting and removing hair's natural pigment. While bleach can remove oVertone from your hair, it is generally not advised.

Will bleaching damage my hair?

There is always the risk of damage/dryness, as bleach strips hair of its natural pigment. Using hair treatments such as The Remedy for a few weeks before and after bleaching can reduce the risk of damage.

How many levels will a 30 volume bleach lift my hair?

Depending on your starting level, the health of your hair, processing time, and method of application, you can get up to 7 levels of lift. To get a clear understanding of how your hair will lift, we suggest doing a strand test prior to full application.

  • Mix 2 teaspoons of developer with 1 teaspoon of bleach powder using non-metal utensils.
  • Wearing gloves, apply to a 1/8 inch section anywhere from the back of your ear to the nape of the neck. Let strand process from 15-40 minutes, checking progress every 5-10 minutes.
  • Once the desired level of lift is achieved, thoroughly rinse strand.

If you are happy with the results, proceed with the full bleach application.

What products should I use after bleaching my hair to help counteract the damage?

Moisturizing products such as The Hydrator shampoo and deep conditioning treatments such as The Remedy are recommended to help counteract dryness and/or damage.

Will it ruin my curl pattern?

Since bleach breaks down protein bonds, bleaching can definitely loosen your curl pattern. Generally, a lower volume is recommended for curly hair and a strand test before application.

Is it safe for all hair types and textures?

Bleach is safe on hair that has NOT been chemically relaxed, straightened, or permed. It isn't recommended to use over previous hair dyes or henna. If your hair is already over-processed or damaged/dry, you can experience breakage from using bleach.

How does the health of my hair before bleaching affect my results?

The healthier your hair is, the better your results will be! In the weeks leading up to using The Bleach 30 Volume Hair Lightening System, try to minimize heat styling, chlorine exposure, and anything else that can dry out or damage your hair. If your hair is dry or over-processed, to begin with, you could experience breakage/further damage.

Can I use metal mixing tools with The Bleach 30 Volume Hair Lightening System?

No! Never use metal bowls, spoons, mixing utensils, or brushes with bleach. Metal can interfere with the chemical reaction that occurs with bleach and can cause the mixture to heat to unsafe levels.

Is The Bleach 30 Volume Hair Lightening System safe while pregnant?

If pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend consulting your doctor before using bleach products.

Will one box of The Bleach Hair Lightening System cover my whole head?

This depends on the length and density of your hair. Here is a guide by hair length, but density should also be considered, as thicker hair will require more product to saturate strands fully.

Shoulder length: 1 box
Below shoulder: 1-2 boxes
Waist length: 2+ boxes

** Recommendations may vary depending on hair’s density

Can I use The Bleach 30 Volume Hair Lightening System to remove hair dye?

We do not recommend using bleach to remove previous hair dye. Bleach works best on removing your hair's natural pigment. Try using a color remover instead of bleach to remove previous dye.

Can I use it just to bleach my roots?

Yes! This technique can be achieved using less mixture (2:1 ratio). You can store unmixed bleach and developer SEPARATELY for use later on. Any product already mixed must get discarded.

Can I just bleach my tips with this product?

Yes! This technique can be achieved using less mixture (2:1 ratio). You can store unmixed bleach and developer SEPARATELY for later use. Any product already mixed must get discarded.

How soon after bleaching can I add an oVertone color to my hair?

Right after shampooing! oVertone Coloring Conditioners are hydrating and deposit only. For best results, use on gently towel-dried hair right after rinsing/shampooing bleach out.

Do you offer a toner to use post-bleach?

Yes! We recommend using our Purple Toning or Blue Toning Conditioners if you want an icier blonde look or to further tone unwanted brassy shades. Our Bleach Powder does contain Toning Violet Micro Pigment.

Do I need to apply The Bleach 30 Volume Hair Lightening System all the way to the scalp?

Do not apply mixture directly to the scalp. This can cause burning and irritation.

Is The Bleach 30 Volume Hair Lightening System safe for kids?

No. We do not recommend using The Bleach 30 Volume Hair Lightening System on children.

Can I save the bleach powder and developer if I do not use it all?

Please discard any mixed product.

Do I need to use foils?

For an all-over application, foils are not necessary.


  • Follow instructions and always wear disposable gloves during application to protect your hands
  • Only use plastic clips, combs, and mixing utensils (never metal).
  • Never use on brittle, over-processed/damaged hair (previously bleached) or sensitive scalp. Never use bleach products over henna or metallic dyes. Also, never use bleach products over chemical relaxers, straighteners, or perms
  • Avoid contact with eyes and face. Not for use on facial hair or eyebrows.
  • Do not apply heat while processing.
  • Make sure to always thoroughly rinse and shampoo after application.
  • Throw out any unused bleach and developer once mixed, do not store the mixture.
  • Do not shampoo 48-72 hours prior to bleach application.
  • Allow at least 3 weeks between applications to avoid damage.
  • Store unopened kit at room temperature.
  • Do not mix the contents of the kit with any other product.
  • Use in a well-ventilated area.