Daily Conditioner Sample Size

$ 8.00
$ 8.00

Need some color but can't decide?

With the Daily Conditioner in sample sizes, you can try 2 ounces of any of our 22 vegan colors! Just choose the color (or colors!) you'd like to try and we'll send you a tiny version of the full sized thing so you can give it a whirl before you commit.

Trying to maintain your color? This sample size will give you one to two applications on an average head of hair so you can try out any shade of Daily Conditioner before committing to a full bottle.

Trying to dye your hair with oVertone conditioners? If you're starting with a non-fantasy color, 2 ounces is usually not enough to fully saturate your entire head and add even color all around. An average head of hair requires 4-6 ounces to be dyed correctly. If you use too little, you may end up with a patchy result from poor saturation, so we recommend starting with our Go Deep Weekly Treatment in your favorite color. Got questions? We're happy to help! Shoot us a note here and we can assist you with all of your color advice needs.


Some Notes on Color Intensity:

Pastel conditioners contain a VERY conservative amount of pigment, and are recommended only for those who are either looking to maintain an already pastel look or who have platinum (not blonde, but platinum) hair.  If you're looking to create a light wash of color on any other type of hair, we recommend checking out our vibrant line!  If you're not sure what conditioner is right for you, contact us!

The Extreme formula is called that for a reason - contains an  extreme  amount of color depositing pigment for maximum results. This also means that it will stain your hands, your forehead, and anything else you apply it to. We recommend that you wear gloves and be careful around your hairline.

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