Multi-Colored Hair

There are many ways to rock multiple colors in your hair at a time. Here are some of our favorites! 


Different Colored Roots


This new trend is gaining popularity in the fantasy hair color world, because it's so beautiful! Below Maegan (@maeganscarlett) starts with Vibrant Yellow roots that melts into her bleach-washed Extreme Orange. 

Some more #HairInspo of the roots-to-ends melt is from Leigh Dickson (@leighdicksonartistry) with darker Raspberry-Pink roots that lighten to a Pastel Pink Color. 


 To get this look, ask your stylist to bleach your roots, and bleach wash the ends of your existing color, if you want your roots to be a different version of your current color on the ends of your hair. Then maintain by using oVertone accordingly - Start with the darker color of oVertone on top if your roots are darker like Leigh's, or pull the lighter color all the way through to your ends if your roots are lighter, like Maegan's. 



The Two-Toned Split 


 This look is for the people who can't decide between two colors.. so they go with both! The two-toned split can be parted directly in the middle, or more off to the side. 


To get this look as seen on Evelina Forsell (@evelina.forsell) start with bleached or platinum white blonde hair, and split your hair into two even sections, parted down the middle. Apply Pastel Teal Go Deep to one side, and Pastel Pink Go Deep to another side, and let it sit in your hair for 10 minutes before rinsing. 





Ombre is a beautiful way to start with one color and have it gradually change to another. The great thing about ombre hair is that it can change from one fantasy color to another, or start with your natural roots and fade into a fantasy shade. Below is Gina Frey (@ginafrey) with Vibrant Pink Go Deep over her faded pink ends. 


Or, you can do multiple shades of color like Joni Lynn, with a red-purple-blue combo.



Balayage is slightly different than ombre - It's a technique that hair stylists use to loosely "paint" on the color or bleach to get a more natural looking effect. Balayage is usually seen with natural roots that lead into the color. 




Below is Angel Graves (@dreamsindresses) with some Extreme Green balayage. 



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