Meet Our Banner-Ladies pt 1


This October we've been doing a LOT of new photos, and we've been having a BALL.  We wanted to give you guys a fresh new look for a fresh new season.  We didn't want them to be mystery people though, so we're making a short blog series to introduce them to you!


Yueh from lazybumToT is first up on our slideshow.  A pastel purple/pink force to be reckoned with, she has got the scoop on beauty and fashion know how.  Get to know her below!



How long have you been blogging? 

I started making youtube videos in highschool but didn't really get into it until recently (maybe the last year or two). 

What are your favorite types of videos/posts to make?

Beauty, fashion, makeup related. Mostly hair because that's what people know me for. 

What hair colors, besides pastel purple/pink, do you find yourself lusting over?

Dark, long burgundy hair.  

Tell us about your favorite fashion piece that you're seeing this season.

Crop tops! Whether it be a cropped t or a cropped long sleeve you can pair them with so many different things and they make you look super tall and well proportioned. (coming from someone with an excessively long torso -_-) 


Can't get enough of this lady? (We can't!)  Check out the behind-the-scenes video from our shoot below! 


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