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Color Wheel Antics for the Hair Color Obsessed: Triad Colors

Welcome to part three of our COLOR WHEEL ANTICS SERIES!  This week, it's TRIAD COLORS.  

 Now, I figured at the get-go most of you would know what analogous and complimentary colors were (even if just by their description alone), but triad colors are probably something new for most of you! 

A triadic color scheme uses colors that are evenly spaced around the color wheel, such as purple, orange, and green.  Due to the fact that triadic color schemes tend to be more complementary than analogous in nature, their color harmonies tend to be quite vibrant, even if you use pale or unsaturated versions of your hues.  To get the best results, choosing one "main" color in the scheme and using the other two as accents will keep you from overloading your eyes when you look in the mirror, though really that's just a suggestion.  Get super colorful!

Here's an example of how to find a triadic color scheme:


There are two major combinations - the one pictured here, Purple, Orange, and Green, and Yellow, Blue, and Red.  The other combinations you can make are similar, but would be described more along the lines of: Yellow Green, Cobalt Blue, and Red Orange.  There's definitely a combination for everyone when working with that kind of subtlety!

Let's find some real life examples, shall we?


This is definitely a more subtle example - the Yellow in this Red, Blue, and Yellow combo is more or less blonde, but you can definitely see the impact of the three colors together!


Here we've got the Purple, Green, and Orange example - while they're certainly more pastel versions you can easily see how they're each setting each other off.


Next week: Split Complementary


Time for some accessory combinations!

For the Purple, Green, and Orange combination:

Purple Jacket

Boho Style Green Hairband

Orange Lipstick

Purple Eyeshadow

Green Skirt

Orange Necklace

For the Red, Blue, and Yellow combination:

Superman shirt

Red Lipstick

Blue Scarf

Yellow Dress 

Red Shoes

Blue Eyeliner

Yellow Cocktail Ring