Color Wheel Antics for the Hair Color Obsessed: Analogous Colors

Welcome to part two of our COLOR WHEEL ANTICS SERIES!  This week, it's ANALOGOUS COLORS.  


Let's start with the basics.  What ARE analogous colors?

Analogous colors are colors that are found next to each other on the color wheel.  Unlike complimentary colors, which set each other off to make each other brighter, analogous colors are super harmonious, and gently work together to make a pleasing, easy-on-the-eye, serene sort of palette.  Below you can see an example of how to find an analogous trio:

Let's find some examples, shall we?



Above we've got some awesome pink and purple combo with hair and lipstick and a great orange/red ombre.  Sometimes analogous colors are even just lighter and darker versions of the same color!  Cobalt and cornflower together make a gorgeous analogous combination, as do lemon yellow and sunflower yellow.


It's really fun to play with analogous colors!  Use multiple colors in your hair, try out different makeup looks, or accessorize!




Great analogous color accessories for people with red hair:

Orange Purse

Purple Dress

Orange Earrings

Orange and Purple Earrings


Great analogous color accessories for people with blue hair:

Light Blue Scarf Necklace

Bite Beauty Lipstick in Lavender - Vibrant Orchid 

Light Blue Sunglasses

Purple Clutch


Great analogous color accessories for people with orange hair:

Yellow Dress

Yellow Earrings

Bright Yellow Sunglasses

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