2015 Fall Hair Trends

Want some awesome colors on your head for fall? Check out these dark and rich hair colors that go perfectly with the autumn season!


Rich dark purples, reds, magenta, and deep blue and teal shades are perfect trends to rock this fall for fantasy hair lovers! Whether you're looking to tint your natural brown hair to a purple or red shade, or go all out and bleach your hair blonde to add a fantasy color, oVertone's got you covered for Fall 2015. 




Aubergine hair is a mixture of red and purple hues blended together to create a beautiful burgundy shade. It can be subtle color over brown hair, or a striking purpley-red plum color when applied over platinum hair.

A super easy way to get Aubergine hair is to apply Extreme Purple Go Deep over medium brown hair! Behold, beautiful eggplant hues: 


Not ready for extreme color yet? You can tint your brown hair with aubergine shades for a subtle purple and red hue to achieve a brown eggplant color. This can be achieved by applying Extreme or Vibrant Purple, mixed with Extreme or Vibrant Red, over your medium to dark brown hair.


Looking for Aubergine? Check out Merlot! Our Merlot Custom Conditioner Kit is a mixture of Extreme Red and Extreme Purple. It can be applied over platinum hair for a bold look, or applied over medium blonde to medium brown hair for a tinted of color! 

You can maintain your eggplant color with a mixture of Vibrant or Extreme Purple and Extreme Red. You can even throw in some Vibrant or Extreme Pink into the mix to give it more of a raspberry color! oVertone conditioners were designed to be mixed together, so it's easy to maintain whatever shade of aubergine. Depending on how bright red, purple or plum you want your aubergine color to appear will depend on how much purple, red, or pink you should use when creating your color mixture.


Shown above: A custom Raspberry toned look with Vibrant Purple, Extreme Pink, and Extreme Red Go Deep!



Deep red hair is always stylish and trendy, and a great way to darken your hair color for a crisp autumn look. Looking for a way to make your brown hair look richer and deeper? Apply Extreme Red over medium to dark brown hair for a Cherry Cola shade perfect for winter. 

Below is Extreme Red Daily over medium brown hair - it's a subtle tint of color that really makes the hair pop! 

A super bright version of Red hair for fall can be found with our Ruby Custom Conditioner Kit: Extreme Red and Vibrant Purple. 

Looking for more of a Cherry-Cola color? Simply apply Extreme Red over medium brown hair for gorgeous fall shade. 

Check out Katy Perry rockin' some medium red hair. To get this look: apply Vibrant Red Go Deep over your medium brown hair for 10 minutes, then rinse! 





Blue and Teal are a great alternative to reds and purples for fall. If you're ready for super bold color, blue/teal is the color to have. 

To get either of these shades on your head, you have to start with bleached or platinum blonde hair. The lighter your hair is to begin with, the more blue or teal your hair will become. The best thing about these colors is you can have any shade variation (Pastel, Vibrant, or Extreme) and your hair will still look on point. 

For a lighter Pastel Blue, make sure you see a stylist to bleach out your hair to a platinum blonde! Then apply Pastel Blue Go Deep to your hair for at least 10 minutes, and rinse! This will give you a fabulous winter-blue shade. 


Dark hair more your thing? Try Extreme Blue! For the best and brightest color results with any fantasy shade, make sure you see your stylist to get it professionally bleached first. That way you get the truest-blue when applying Extreme Blue Go Deep to your hair! 


Transitioning from one fantasy shade to another? Check out this blog post here on how to do that. 


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