How to Cover Gray Hair with Coloring Conditioners

Are you looking for a low-maintenance, non-damaging way to get “full coverage” of your grays? Keep your color looking fresh with our best-selling Basics shades, and see how we match up to dye when it comes to covering your greys.

Get to Know Your Hair

The cuticle, the outermost layer of every hair strand, can be particularly thick and strong on gray hair, making it difficult for moisture, hair products, and hair color to soak in. That’s why permanent hair dyes contain harsh chemicals such as heavy alcohols or ammonia to force open the cuticle and guarantee color deposit, which damages your locks.

Because our Coloring Conditioners are semi-permanent formulas made with hair-healthy, vegan ingredients, they don’t contain harsh chemicals, which means gray coverage is not guaranteed. But if you’re looking for a non-damaging way to achieve the same color results, we’ve got some tips!

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Apply the Coloring Conditioner on clean, preferably blow-dried,dry hair, and saturate your strands thoroughly.

NOTE: For extra cuticle-opening power, pre-wash with a clarifying shampoo.We recommend The Fader — formulated explicitly to open up the hair cuticle.

While your Coloring Conditioner is processing, cover hair with a shower cap and hit it with a blow-dryer on medium heat. The warm environment will ensure your cuticle opens further so hair can soak up as much pigment as possible.

Keep Up Your Color Routine

Once you’ve achieved your desired shade, maintenance is key. We recommend reapplying the Coloring Conditioner weekly for a surge of pigment and Daily Conditioner after each shampoo to fight fade. And if you’re looking for an all-in-one color and maintenance bundle, try our Healthy Color Duos. Each contains a full-size Coloring Conditioner andDaily Conditioner in your chosen shade.

At oVertone we believe your “natural” hair color is whatever color you want it to be and that getting there shouldn’t destroy your locks, harm the planet, or break the bank.

"The product we wanted didn't exist, so we made it.”

— Maegan Scarlett and Liora Dudar, Founders

Why We Made oVertone

Coloring Conditioners were created out of a desire for change. We were sick of the fading, constant damage, and an eye-popping price tag that came with having great hair color. So we created the product we wanted to use: a hair-healthy alternative to dye that delivers and maintains your shade on your terms.

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