Bring on the Compliments.

"I have found my hair color holy grail! I will never love another more than oVertone Ginger!" - Heather J.

Virtual Hair Color Try-On

Try every color under the rainbow. Pastels show up best on blonde hair, and Vibrant and Extreme shades are more intensely pigmented for results on light brown hair or darker.

Color: Pink

Intensity: Pastel

Intensity: Vibrant

Intensity: Extreme

Try a fantasy color without the need to lighten or bleach your hair! Formulated for brown starting colors, these shades will give brown hair anything from a subtle tint to a rich glowing hue.

Color: Pink

Your natural shade, only better. Coat your hair with our nourishing tinted conditioners and enjoy vibrancy, shine, and “born with it” color results.

Color: Pink

It’s Conditioner That Colors Your Hair

Simple, right? Wash in bold color right from your shower in less than 15 minutes. Our hair-healthy conditioners are also:

Vegan &

Free of sulfates,
parabens & ammonia

Suitable for all
hair types

Award Winning Color

"Absolutely amazing if you want quick, no-fuss, easy color." - Glamour

"I get tons of compliments"


"oVertone was unbelievably amazing and so easy to use! I personally think it works better than a dye."

Christina P.

"This is my first time using a coloring conditioner and it exceeded all my expectations! And the smell... I freaking love it! I honestly couldn't be more obsessed with my new hair."

Tiffany B.

"It gave me better results than the salon. Easy to apply and super hydrating! I'l definitely be repurchasing this!"

Katie P.

"I stopped using permanent color and maintain my hair with oVertone. I've been using this Coloring Conditioner since 2017!"

Delia C.

"This turned out exactly as I hoped! Great color. Fades a little after each wash."

Bridget S.

"I have found my holy grail! I will never love another more than oVertone Ginger!"

Heather J.

"Great customer service + fun colors. What a win! So easy to use and my hair feels so soft & conditioned afterwards."

Yvonne P.

"Omg this product is amazing! It makes my hair really pop in the sun and I get compliments whenever I go out in public!"

Jill B.

"LOVE this. Addicted!"

Lo D.

“Best hair color for the price.”

Katherine H.

"I love how easy it is to apply. It adds just the right amount of color where you want it."

Anna J.

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