How to Get Head-Turning Color Without the Commitment

Diving into a new hair color is like diving into a new relationship — it's a vibe, but you may not be fully ready for a big change. Luckily there are ways to add a pop of color to your locks without the damage from harsh chemicals, long-term commitment, and *fingers crossed* regrets.

If you’re ready to take the color plunge into a short-term hair hue, with the freedom to customize your color and change it again, our award-winning semi-permanent Color Conditioners are a must-have. See what sets our Coloring Conditioners apart from the rest and how easy it is to experiment with new shades and get head-turning color from home.

Semi-permanent Hair Color for the W

What we love about our semi-permanent Coloring Conditioners *besides everything* is that it’s a temporary change in color, not a long-term commitment, easily reversible, and incredibly low maintenance — which makes it a best-seller for a reason. It also renders incredible results without a hefty price tag or visit to the salon.

Color That Hits Different

Our beautifully pigmented Coloring Conditioners come in 30+ shades, ranging from bold, vibrant hues to subtle pastels and even basic neutrals for a more low-key look. The ultra-rich, vegan & cruelty-free formula is safe for all hair types and textures and effective on most starting shades without the need to pre-lighten or bleach. Made with hair-healthy ingredients like aloe, coconut oil, avocado, and shea butter, oVertone Coloring Conditioners leave your locks nourished, hydrated, and looking vibrant every time you color.

How To Use Our Coloring Conditioners

Our beginner-friendly, no-mix formula makes coloring your hair a breeze. Simply apply the color, let it sit for 10-15 minutes, rinse, and style! There’s no mess, no hairdressers required, and the color will fade gracefully every time you shampoo. Here’s how easy it is to indulge in a new shade from home.

Start with our Sample Size Coloring Conditioners and try a quick strand test to see how the color takes to your hair.

What you’ll need:

oVertone Coloring Conditioner, Reusable gloves, Alligator clips, Dark towel, Dark shirt

Getting started:

Before you begin, do a strand test. Learn how here.
Prep your area before you color by covering surfaces with a dark towel. Wear an old, black t-shirt and reusable gloves before applying color to avoid messes and stains.


Divide hair into sections and secure with alligator clips.

Apply a generous amount of Coloring Conditioner to clean, dry hair, one section at a time. Thoroughly saturate hair starting from the roots and working it to the ends.

NOTE: For best results, gently run a wide tooth comb through your hair to distribute color evenly.

Let the color sit for 10-15 minutes, but leave it in as long as you like — no harm will come to your hair.

Rinse thoroughly with any temp water, even hot! We’re not about that cold shower life. oVertone has always been about making colorful hair fit into your lifestyle, not the other way around.

Style as desired and enjoy the results.

Color Refresh & Maintenance

When it comes to keeping your color looking fresh, it’s all about how our products work together with our Healthy Color Duo. Use our Coloring Conditioners to achieve your ideal hue or as a hydrating color pick-me-up. Follow up with our Daily Conditioners to maintain your shade and keep your color looking bright and beautiful.

At oVertone we believe your “natural” hair color is whatever color you want it to be and that getting there shouldn’t destroy your locks, harm the planet, or break the bank.

Vegan & cruelty-free
Free of sulfates,
parabens & ammonia
Suitable for all
hair types

No damage. No drama. No trip to the salon.

All oVertone products are formulated with hair health in mind for different types, textures, and starting colors, and with our semi-permanent Healthy Color Duo, your hair color is in your hands. Available in more than forty hues, oVertone Coloring Conditioners make your color dreams a reality, and the Daily Conditioner ensures it doesn’t fade away.

"The product we wanted didn't exist, so we made it.”

— Maegan Scarlett and Liora Dudar, Founders

Why We Made oVertone

Coloring Conditioners were created out of a desire for change. We were sick of the fading, constant damage, and an eye-popping price tag that came with having great hair color. So we created the product we wanted to use: a hair-healthy alternative to dye that delivers and maintains your shade on your terms.