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Toning Kit

Toning Kit

Choose Your Ratio

Toning + Hydration

Apply & Rinse Immediately

Which Toning Kit Is Right For You?

Toners cancel out unwanted yellow, orange, or brassy undertones by using the opposite color to neutralize them. Use the color wheel or see below to find the toning kit that will work best for your hair.

Purple Toning Kit

Cancels out yellow undertones

Best results on blonde hair

Blue Toning Kit

Cancels out orange or brassy undertone

Best results on light brown hair

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How to Use

To get the maximum benefits from your toning kit:

  • Combine the Remedy for Fine Hair and the Daily Conditioner in the recommended ratio. Strand test and adjust ratio as needed.
  • After successfully strand testing, thoroughly and evenly apply to wet hair.
  • Rinse immediately.
  • Style as usual.

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