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We get this question ALL the time.  


Can I use the oVertone conditioners to dye my hair? 


The answer - technically - is yes. BUT, there are some things to consider before using oVertone to color your hair. 


Firstly, oVertone conditioners are NOT hair dye. They do not lift, lighten, or bleach your hair. This means that if you do not already have naturally blonde or pre-lightened hair, the color from your oVertone will only combine with what you've already got.  oVertone always works best with pre-lightened or already dyed hair.


If you're working with medium brown hair, for example, our Extreme Red line will give you a beautiful mahogany tint.  However, if you have medium brown hair and want to add our Extreme Purple, your hair will turn a darker shade of brown due to the purple mixing with the yellowish tones present in brown hair!  Check out the photos below for examples:  (You can also find strand test photos on the individual product pages!)




Blonde ladies - you're not out of the woods completely! Any shade of blonde darker than the very lightest platinum still contains an underlying yellow tint. This means that using Pastel Teal on naturally blonde hair may give you a greener result than you expected.


Our Extreme conditioners (and even the Vibrant ones) contain enough pigment to overcome a light blonde level of yellow tone, but if you plan to go with Pastel, take your naturally occurring pigment in to consideration.


Here's an idea of what you can expect with a handful of different starting hair colors and oVertone shades:


 Got questions about mixing oVertone with your non-pre-colored hair? Tweet us @oVertoneColor or comment below and we'll help you out!



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    Hey Jenn, definitely send our Client Services Unicorns (hi@overtone.co) a pic of your current hair with lots of natural light, and a pic of what you’re looking to get – they’ll be able to give you the best advice!

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    Hey Annie, you totally can! oVertone will deposit color wherever you apply it, so we recommend only adding conditioner to your ends, where you want the color to show! Definitely email us at hi@overtone.co if you have any questions!

  • Posted on by Alee

    Hi Elizabeth, that’s exactly what should happen – oVertone was created to keep salon jobs from fading! If you need a color recommendation or have any other questions, definitely send us an email to hi@overtone.co – our Client Services Unicorns will be happy to help you out!

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    If I get my hair dyed blue professionally, will the deep blue help keep it blue longer??

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    Can I use overtone to dye just my tips? If so, how??

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