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  • Meet the oVerlords: Eleni

    0 comments / Posted on by Alee Schwarz

    Ever wonder what's happening in (or on top of) the heads of oVertone's staff? Each month, we're getting one of our resident mermaids, unicorns, or aliens to dish on how they live boldly - and stay that way!

    This month we chatted with Eleni, who's part of our Marketing team. There's nothing this mermaid can't do - she directs, produces, films, and edits the videos on our YouTube channel and Facebook page. She also lends a hand with other digital media like photography and design to keep our pages pretty. Follow her on Instagram and Snapchat - she goes by @r0kstar05!


    What color(s) do you have on your head right now?

    Right now, I'm rocking the Plumberry vibe!


    How did you achieve your look? Maintain it? 

    My Plumberry is a custom mix of Vibrant Purple Go Deep and Extreme Pink Daily Conditioner, although I'm slowly moving away from cool tones to warm - you can see the color change if you check out my Instagram). It's a process of fading and adding warmer and warmer tones before I move on to my next color!


    Favorite color (combo) you've ever rocked? Any plans for what's next? 

    I'd probably have to say Vibrant Blue was my fav so far, because I felt a bit like a superhero! I also think it's a very flattering color on really anyone. My ocean blue shadow roots were pretty awesome too, but a lot more time-consuming.

    Next up is Extreme Red - I'm planning to make the change with as little bleaching as possible!



    How long have you been dyeing your hair? 

    Once in college, I dyed my hair black with green highlights - that was the most outrageous I've gone! Once that faded, I went back to my natural warm brown until just about this time last year, when I personally got to experience the awesomeness that is oVertone. In fact, it was Liora who convinced me to try Extreme Red! It gave me a beautiful cherry-cola color, and that was really the beginning of my adventurous hair-color exploration!


    Best part of having fantasy hair? 

    I'd say the confidence boost.  I feel that it can take a lot of courage to take that plunge to fantasy hair color, but once I did, I loved it! I love trying different colors and when I go out there's always someone that wants to know how I get my hair to stay looking so fresh, or how they wish they were brave enough to do it. I like to try to convince others to try it too!


    How about the most challenging part?

    Having long hair. It means committing more to maintenance than you would otherwise with natural color, but I still feel in the end it's worth it!


    Got any coloring or styling hacks to make working with your hair easier? 

    Avoid sulfate shampoos. Seriously. In fact, Co-wash as much as you can. I used to shampoo and conditioner my hair every other day, but in truth, that's not really necessary. Now I only use a sulfate-free shampoo once every other two or three washes (unless I'm intentionally fading) and alternate between oVertone and deep conditioner treatments throughout the week and my hair still feels healthy and smooth.


    Give the mermaids, unicorns, and aliens reading this a piece of Random Bold Advice!

    Own who you are. No one is you, and that is your power.  So be true to yourself, be kind to yourself, and you will find empowerment in that.  You do you, boo!  


    Got any more questions for us? Who do you want to hear from next? Shoot an email to hi@overtone.co and let us know! 

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  • Glitter is HERE on FRIDAY

    0 comments / Posted on by Liora Dudar

    Meet the newest members of the oVertone Squad.

    oVertone Hair Glitter is literally the bomb.com.  We've formulated it to have not only some serious sparkle and fire, but to be hair hydrating and easy to remove TO BOOT. Inspired by our love of sci-fi and fantasy, each of these colors (with more to come soon) will take your look from muggle to magical.

    #TeamMermaid - An iridescent blue glitter blend that gives us fresh from the ocean vibes.  This shade is a mermaid MUST that will bring you to the beach all year.
    Narwhal - A jewel-toned violet glitter blend to make all of your amethyst dreams come true.  This shade was named after the unicorns of the sea for its uniquely magical effect. 
    Andromeda - A brilliant space-themed yellow gold glitter blend with a subtle rainbow shift.  This shade is a fool-proof neutral metallic that adds multidimensional starlight to any look. 
    Our aloe based gel is easy to apply to hair with fingers, transfer proof once it's dry, and easy to remove once you're done!
    Get it on, sparkle heads. Go public with your love and #overtone to show us your creations!

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  • 5 Ways To Get Your Hair Halloween Ready

    0 comments / Posted on by Liora Dudar

    Halloween is coming up fast, and here at oVertone we are getting FIRED UP.  We've compiled a list of our top 5 favorite sparkly and colorful Halloween looks to inspire you this season (or year round, we don't judge).

    1. Saucer-sized space buns

    Raychillster has year round out-of-this-world style with these AMAZING teal space buns.  Pair these with your favorite saucer-inspired costume and you are party ready.  Match her color with our Extreme Teal Conditioners!

    2. Metalheads for life

    We are super inspired by this Walter Van Beirendonck “Dream the World Awake" look - literal metalhead anyone?  Get this look with Andromeda Hair Glitter (Coming Oct 21)!

    3. Braids as dangerous as you are

    Make sure no one gets too close with some hair spikes!  DIY 'em or grab some from regal rose.  Their gold or silver spikes look AWESOME with this hair that's a perfect match for our Pastel Blue.

    4. Cotton candy life

    We always talk about having Pastel Pink cotton candy locks, but these are literally too good to be true.  Add some glitter to your part to increase the magic!

    5. Stars in your hair

    We're pretty sure that instagrammer briekt photoshopped those stars in her hair, but it's a GREAT idea for a dazzling space look!  Use star stickers and place them in your galaxy of hair (briekt's color looks like another great match for Pastel Blue) for a similar effect.  Makeup optional (but not really).  
    Need more great Halloween hair inspo? Get to our pinterest!
    What are you going to be for Halloween this year?

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    0 comments / Posted on by Lisannette Dawson-Ruiz

    We’re at the home stretch! Pink down, Orange next!

    The last color on my head didn’t last too long, and while I like the orange ombre more than I did the pink, this one didn’t stand a chance either.

    For this transition, I decided it was time to try something completely different. Instead of keeping my natural roots, I decided to take the plunge and bleach all the way down to the scalp. I’ve been afraid of the upkeep, but I think having a full head of FIYA would be bomb. And SHO’NUFF it looked really good.

    Since I’m not a cheater, and the whole point of this experiment was to see how easily I could transition through the color wheel using oVertone only: I did not bleach over the pink! I only bleached my roots and faded the rest.

    To go from pink to orange, I stuck to my tried-and-true method of using two types of clarifying shampoos, and followed up with deep conditioner treatments (check out the products I use here). Using this method definitely got me light enough where I could just slap some Vibrant Orange Go Deep Weekly Treatment over my freshly bleached and faded ends alike and get amazing results!

    For my next color, since we no longer have Vibrant Yellow I’m skipping straight to Vibrant Green. All Vibrant Yellow conditioners were discontinued because we couldn’t offer a consistent product and are really committed to our colors being the same every time.

    Since we weren’t able to ensure that, that means I get to skip along the wheel!
    Stay tuned for the next, and final chapter in the Caticorn hair adventures!

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  • Bro to Boss: Mermen Hair

    0 comments / Posted on by Kayla Gonzalez

    Fantasy hair has definitely become more mainstream in the past few years, and this fall we’ll be seeing tons of it - on mermaids and mermen alike! Here at oVertone Headquarters, we’ve been noticing more and more traditionally masculine mermaids sport colored hair, and we’re not mad about it.

    If you’re a dude looking for some solid fantasy colored inspiration for your strands, it’s out there - and we’re big fans.


    The first thing I noticed in my search for hair inspo was that visible root trend. It’s a great intro to fantasy hair! Here are some subtle (and not-so-subtle) ways to rock fantasy color without committing your whole head:




    BONUS: You don’t have to bleach your roots!


    Silver is still definitely a popular trend. Adding some gray to your strands is pretty widely accepted as a “natural” looking color. That means you could probably get away with it at your day job! This is an awesome option for those who can’t (or don’t want to) go full-throttle unicorn just yet.



    If you’re ready to fully dive into colored hair, here are some awesome options for you! Honestly, I’ll never stop being a fan of pastel hair and those that can pull off ultraviolet strands. Check out some of our favorite takes on both extremes – barely there, and boldly present:



    Are you a merman with colorful hair? Tag us in your pics using #overtone and #overtonecolor – we want to see! Stay Bold.




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