The Hydrator Moisturizing Shampoo Sample Size (3oz)

The Hydrator Moisturizing Shampoo Sample Size (3oz)

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  • Contains:  3 fl. oz. (sample size)
  • Perfect For: Gently cleansing and hydrating dry hair or color-treated hair
  • Made With: 100% vegan, cruelty-free, hair-healthy ingredients, natural rosemary spearmint scent from natural oils for hair growth.
  • Effective On: All hair types (curly and straight hair, colored and oily hair)
  • Best Results On: Use with your favorite oVertone color or conditioner 

How to Use Hydrating Shampoo

Hydrator moisturizing shampoos generally function on the outer layer of each hair shaft. To get the maximum benefits for your hair health:

  1. Massage into wet, thin, or thick hair, starting at your crown/roots.
  2. Work the product down through your ends.
  3. Lather well and rinse properly to treat damaged hair.
  4. Follow with your favorite oVertone conditioner to avoid having a dry scalp and get the fine hair you want.