Reusable Stain Remover Pads - 5pk
Reusable Stain Remover Pads - 5pk
Reusable Stain Remover Pads - 5pk

Reusable Stain Remover Pads - 5pk

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So long, skin stains. These eco-friendly cotton bamboo pads are a gentle, sustainable way to remove semi-permanent hair color from your skin without breaking a sweat.

  • Contains: 5 Reusable Stain Remover Pads + Mesh Bag
  • Size: Reusable Pads: 8cm diameter | Mesh Bag: 12cm x 15cm
  • Made With: Chemical-free natural cotton and bamboo fabric
  • Wash & Care: Place Reusable Pads inside the Mesh Bag. Wash on gentle cycle, hang to dry. Do not iron. Do not bleach.

Where Healthy Hair and Real Color Meet
oVertone Coloring Conditioners are ultra-hydrating, semi-permanent hair dyes that transform hair into vibrant new colors that fade gracefully when you want them to. The only downside to at-home hair color? Skin stains. Our soft, eco-friendly, highly-absorbent Reusable Pads are created with dual layer cotton and bamboo fabric to quickly and effectively remove semi-permanent hair color from your skin. We chose black fabric so you can't see any staining, but pop 'em in the washing machine anytime they need a refresh. Even better? They pair perfectly with our Stain Remover: Hair Color Stain Eraser gel so you can clean up any evidence that you just colored your hair. Unlike disposable cotton rounds, these sustainable pads are better for your skin and the environment.

What is it?

A: 5 consciously-created reusable pads made of cotton and bamboo fabric that make hair color stain removal a breeze.

What does the mesh bag do?

This triple threat functions as a reusable storage, travel, and washing pouch.

What can I expect?

A sustainable alternative to cotton balls that are breathable and quick drying.

Is it normal to notice fabric shedding?

Yes, this is completely normal. Simply wash your Reusable Pads first to minimize shedding.

What are they made of?

Reusable Pads: 70% bamboo & 30% cotton | Mesh Bag: 100% cotton