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Why choose oVertone?

Your Hair Will Thank You!

There are dozens of different ways to color your hair, but only oVertone is free of drying ingredients. It's vegan, sulfate-free, curl-friendly and takes just minutes to deposit. All of that makes for the happiest, healthiest hair you'll ever see. And the best part? You can have HOT SHOWERS!

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Deep Treatment

Color Your Hair WITHOUT Dye

Look ma, no dye! Our Deep Treatment is a deep conditioner that has enough pigment to deposit color in hair, but none of the traditional dye ingredients that lift the cuticle and damage hair. The extra jolt of color and hydration is perfect for dry or damaged strands! Mix shades for a result that's unique to you, or choose from one of our 24 bold colors.

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Daily Conditioner

Say Goodbye to Fading

Banish faded hair with our Daily Conditioners. They have a balanced amount of pigment to preserve your color from daily wear and tear. Use them in place of your normal conditioner for keeping your salon or box dye fresh!

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