How to Touch up Your Hair Color @ Home

Fading hair color can be such a bummer, but refreshing your shade doesn't have to be. If you're looking for flawless, silky soft, ultra-hydrated hair without harsh boxed dyes and grueling salon visits, here’s your sign to lean on oVertone’s Coloring Conditioners. It’s now easier than ever to get stylist-approved results without sacrificing time, money, or luxurious-looking color when you’re in the market for a shade refresh to keep your locks poppin'.

Start with our Sample Size Coloring Conditioners and try a quick strand test to see how the color taks to your hair.

Section off hair and glove-up to keep the pigment off your hands and in your hair.

Apply color to the bottom layers, starting at the roots and working your way to the ends. You can use a mixing brush or easily apply the color with your hands. Just ensure that your strands are well-saturated for the best results.

Once hair is completely saturated, wait 10-15 minutes to let the color set.

Rinse and style hair as usual.

And just like that,

a beautiful glossy finish packed with vibrant pigment and hair healthy ingredients to give your mane tone, shine, and dimension taboot.

So, if you're in-between colorings or want to refresh your at-home color, don't book an appointment just yet. Instead, save that bread and a time-consuming trip to the salon by reviving your hair color at home with our Coloring Conditioners and keep your hair (and wallet) happy and healthy. Are you ready to punch up your hair color? Find your shade today.

At oVertone we believe your “natural” hair color is whatever color you want it to be and that getting there shouldn’t destroy your locks, harm the planet, or break the bank.

Vegan & cruelty-free
Free of sulfates,
parabens & ammonia
Suitable for all
hair types

No damage. No drama. No trip to the salon.

All oVertone products are formulated with hair health in mind for different types, textures, and starting colors, and with our semi-permanent Healthy Color Duo, your hair color is in your hands. Available in more than forty hues, oVertone Coloring Conditioners make your color dreams a reality, and the Daily Conditioner ensures it doesn’t fade away.

"The product we wanted didn't exist, so we made it.”

— Maegan Scarlett and Liora Dudar, Founders

Why We Made oVertone

Coloring Conditioners were created out of a desire for change. We were sick of the fading, constant damage, and an eye-popping price tag that came with having great hair color. So we created the product we wanted to use: a hair-healthy alternative to dye that delivers and maintains your shade on your terms.