How to Get Megan Fox's Magenta Hair Color

In case you missed the news, Megan Fox was spotted with a new look that has us swooning. Fox’s lusty magenta locks were completely unexpected, but her matchy-match color with husband MGK just hit different and made us wonder how we could get the look without breaking the bank.

Enter: oVertone Extreme Magenta Coloring Conditioner and Daily Conditioner for the W.

Whether Fox’s magnificent magenta mane is temporary or here to stay for good, here's how to recreate this stunning pink hue and get this red carpet look in four easy steps.

Extreme Magenta is a versatile color that packs a powerful punch with a gorgeous marbled combination of warm and cool tones.

Follow up with our Daily Conditioner after each time you shampoo to fight the fade and keep your color popping.

Start with clean, dry hair and divide neatly into sections for optimal color application.

NOTE: For best results, start with blonde or light brown strands. However, bleaching is not necessary to render color.

Using reusable gloves *we supply those with every order*, scoop a TBSP amount size of Extreme Magenta Coloring Conditioner into the palm of your hand and start adding color to sections of hair from the roots and working the color to your ends.

Once your strands are completely saturated, wait for your color to set (10-15 minutes).

Rinse, style, and TURN HEADS!

Keep Up Your Color Routine

Want to keep your color looking popping at all times? For the brightest, boldest, and lustiest hue, reapply Extreme Magenta Coloring Conditioner weekly for a surge of pigment, maintaining that WOW effect. Follow up with our Extreme Magenta Daily Conditioner after each time you shampoo to fight the fade, and your hair will never cease to make an impact wherever you go.

At oVertone we believe your “natural” hair color is whatever color you want it to be and that getting there shouldn’t destroy your locks, harm the planet, or break the bank.

"The product we wanted didn't exist, so we made it.”

— Maegan Scarlett and Liora Dudar, Founders

Why We Made oVertone

Coloring Conditioners were created out of a desire for change. We were sick of the fading, constant damage, and an eye-popping price tag that came with having great hair color. So we created the product we wanted to use: a hair-healthy alternative to dye that delivers and maintains your shade on your terms.