DIY Hair Tutorial: Dual Tone Money Piece

Money piece hair is a new hip version of chunky highlights — a controversial coloring technique made popular in the late '90s and early 2000s. In short, the color is applied along the hairline, which adds dimension and creates a simple face-framing effect. From a contrast finish to a subtle sun-kissed glow, the highlight works to emphasize your appearance as the lightest or boldest piece of hair.

What Do I Need?

- Two of oVertones Coloring Conditioners

- Reusable gloves

- Fine-toothed comb

- Hair ties

- Clean, dry hair for color application

Extreme Purple is perfect for creating a bold, true purple hue with amethyst undertones on a range of starting shades.


Choose your part. There are various ways to part your hair for a Money Piece, one of the most popular being a part that is straight down the middle to achieve an even look.

Decide how thick you want the front pieces to be. Use a fine-toothed comb and place it on the middle part (about 1-2 inches from the hairline), pulling the comb straight back, separating the bottom layer and top layer of hair, and stopping just above the ear.

Take the top layer and back section of hair and place them in a ponytail. Repeat on the other side.


Use reusable gloves to keep the pigment off your hands and in your strands.

Starting with the front pieces of hair, scoop product into your hands and apply to start at the roots and work your way to the ends. Be sure not to touch the tied-up sections of hair. Mixing colors could render blended color results.

Once finished with one color application, change gloves to apply the next.

Section off previously tied-up hair into four separate sections. Take a moment to enjoy serving up alien vibe realness, and then apply color using your hands, starting from the roots and working your way to the ends.

Once completed, change gloves and go back over the front piece just one more time for the best, brightest results.

Wait 10-15 minutes to let the color set, and then rinse.

Style it and serve dual-tone realness.

For multiple hair colors, wash the front part first (head down), followed by the back. This will help keep a clean colorblock and ensure the colors won't bleed.

No drama. No trip to the salon.

All oVertone products are formulated with hair health in mind for different types, textures, and starting colors, and with our semi-permanent Healthy Color Duo, your hair color is in your hands. Available in more than forty hues, oVertone Coloring Conditioners make your color dreams a reality, and the Daily Conditioner ensures it doesn’t fade away.

We care about making hair color safe and damage-free for you — and our planet. That’s why we use uber-hydrating, vegan, ethically sourced ingredients, limit the use of extra packaging, and never include parabens, phthalates, or harsh chemicals.

At oVertone we believe your “natural” hair color is whatever color you want it to be and that getting there shouldn’t destroy your locks, harm the planet, or break the bank.

"The product we wanted didn't exist, so we made it.”

— Maegan Scarlett and Liora Dudar, Founders

Why We Made oVertone

Coloring Conditioners were created out of a desire for change. We were sick of the fading, constant damage, and an eye-popping price tag that came with having great hair color. So we created the product we wanted to use: a hair-healthy alternative to dye that delivers and maintains your shade on your terms.