How (And When) To Use oVertone


We've gotten a lot of questions lately about how oVertone works, what it's used for, and how long the color lasts. So here comes this blog post, like a knight in shining (and colorful) armor!


In a nutshell, oVertone is a line of color depositing conditioners made to keep fantasy colored hair bright and bold 24/7 without the typical fading caused by washing, styling, and the like. While the oVertone conditioners are not hair dye, they can be used to deposit color on to natural colored hair.

For important information on dying your natural colored hair with oVertone, click here for a blog post we wrote about it or click here to see the part two follow up with some beautiful pink hair examples.


First things first - the oVertone conditioners come in two flavors:


Daily Conditioner

The Daily Conditioners are for use every time you shampoo your hair. They deposit just the right amount of color to keep you bright and beautiful every day.

Go Deep Conditioner

The Go Deep Conditioner is a deep treatment to be used once a week. It will give your locks and extra-hydrating pop of color to keep them in salon quality shape right at home.



You also have a bunch of different color choices:

The oVertone conditioners come in six colors: orange, red, pink, purple, blue, and teal. Each of these colors is available as a Pastel, Vibrant, and Extreme formula.

The Pastel conditioners are for anyone who wants just a hint of subtle color. The Vibrant conditioners will give you a bold, rich color to keep your strands looking bright. The Extreme conditioners are just that - extreme. These are for anyone who wants to keep their color looking so electric that it could stop traffic.


(Welcome to this extraordinarily flattering picture of my Vibrant Orange hair.)


Using the Daily Conditioner

Step 1: In the shower, get your hair wet and shampoo (or don't).

Step 2: Apply oVertone Daily Conditioner liberally to your hair and distribute it evenly. Use gloves with Extreme formulas.

Step 3: Leave it on for 3-5 minutes.

Step 4: Rinse out (no need to use cold water) and repeat whenever you wash your hair! 


Using the Go Deep Conditioner

Step 1: Begin with clean, damp hair.

Step 2: Apply oVertone Go Deep Conditioner liberally to your hair and distribute it evenly. Pay special attention to any places where you need an extra boost of color. Use gloves with Vibrant and Extreme formulas.

Step 3: Leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

Step 4: Rinse out (no need to use cold water) and repeat weekly or whenever you need an extra pop of color!


(This is Katy, taking a juice break with Extreme Pink Go Deep on her previously blonde hair.)


How long does the color last?

The oVertone conditioners are not dye, and are intended to keep your hair bright with regular use.

Every time you wash your hair, you lose color by shampooing and rinsing. The oVertone conditioners replace the color that you've lost by depositing color immediately after washing.

Your strands will stay vibrant and bold for as long as you use oVertone, and will begin to fade normally if you start using color-free conditioners.


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