oVertone The Fader Clarifying Shampoo Sample Size
The Fader Shampoo Sample Size (3 oz)

Shampoo Sample

  • Fades Color
  • Intense Hydration
  • Works in 1-2 minutes
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  • Contains: 8 fl. oz. (full size), 3 fl. oz. (sample size)
  • Perfect For:  Gently fading current hair color to prepare for a new shade or go back to your natural color 
  • Made With: 100% vegan, cruelty-free formula
  • Effective On: All hair types and curl-friendly
  • Free Of: Ammonias, parabens, and sulfates
  • Mixes Well With: Any existing hair color
  • Best Results: Use only when fading color, apply and work through hair from root to tip
  • Conditioning Counterpart: Use The Remedy or The Remedy for Fine Hair to add beauty and hydration
  • Packing may vary: some may come in clear bottles

What should I expect?

The Fader Shampoo gently and gradually fades your existing hair color. Full removal of color may take several washes. Results may vary depending on hair porosity and the intensity of starting color.

Can I use this every day?

Like most clarifying shampoos, The Fader Shampoo was created to be gentle on all hair types, straight or curly. However, overuse may result in dryness and frizz. We recommend using our brand only when preparing to transition color and always follow with your favorite conditioner to replenish shine and moisture.