Ruby Slipper Hair Glitter

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$ 25.00

oVertone Hair Glitter is the perfect way to get sparkly when you want and where you want. Ruby Slipper is a transcendent, bold red that will take you and your hair to new places! The only question - are you more of a Wicked Witch or a Dorothy?

The Good Stuff:

- Each tub is 2oz of sparkle magic

- oVertone Hair Glitter is an aloe based gel formula, which means it's hair hydrating!  Do good for your hair while you sparkle.

- Love it and leave it: our quick release formula is a breeze to wash out of all hair types.

- Don't even think about leaving a sparkle trail. Once dry, our formula doesn't budge.

To Apply:

Use your fingertips to apply as much or as little oVertone Hair Glitter as you want to your roots, ends, braids, or anywhere on your body that is not your eyeballs. The gel formula is flexible while wet, and then sets as it dries.

To Remove:

Rinse thoroughly with warm water, using fingertips to break up the gel. Use shampoo and conditioner as necessary.

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