Deep Treatment Sample Size

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$ 11.00

Deciding on a hair color (or a few) is HARD AF. We get it. That's why we made sample sizes! These minis are perfect for low-commitment creativity. Check out our suggestions below for ideas!

Want to test out a hue that's new to you? Grab a Deep Treatment sample and use it to perform a strand test on a small section of hair. Two ounces isn't going to be enough to color the average head of hair, but it will be plenty to do a few strand tests and work out what the color will look like on you.

Want to create a custom color? Our samples are perfect for mixing in with your regular oVertone Deep Treatment shade to make a color that's all your own!

Got questions? We're happy to help! Shoot us a note here and we can assist you with all of your color advice needs.

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