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Sebastian Rosemarie is an Afro-Latina model, artist, sex educator and activist who used hair to reclaim her power.
Lulu Fall is a singer and actor who has kept her signature vibrant red natural hair for more than a decade in an industry that has often discouraged her from wearing her hair curly.
Jordan White is a young professional with a message about self-confidence that everyone should hear.
Taelor Beeck, a thrift shop owner and waitress, shared a receipt her customers left saying "tips are only for normal looking people,” and the viral response was unexpected.
Elle Jensen started a barista competition for anybody identifying as femme 3 years ago, and has learnt a lot about gender identity since cutting her hair.
Teenager Jaylon Sewell stood up against discrimination after his school told some black students that their bleached hair, locs & braids were "a disruption to the educational process".

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