Trendy Tresses: Undercuts

Undercuts - trust me, even if you don't know the word, you've definitely seen this trend. From Miley Cyrus to Rihanna to Ruby Rose, female celebs are embracing the shaved head, and with the surge in popularity so is everyone else! While summer is upon us, what better way to keep cool while looking totally hot?



There are many ways to rock an undercut. Although these buzz cuts are no novel idea we are seeing some totally rad ways of embracing the razor. You can try everything from a side shave to the more discreet "business in the front, party in the back." The undercut is kept hidden beneath your lovely tresses until you want to reveal it via an updo!


So what are the hottest additions to this trend? Undercut tattoos, rainbow hair, and glitter roots!


Undercut Tattoos

We love the undercut tattoo because it is so versatile. You can show off your kickass design by wearing your hair in a ponytail, space buns, braids, whatever suits you!

It can be done with long hair for subtle personal expression but also as a short pixie cut for a louder statement. 



Rainbow Hair

Here at oVertone, we don't stop there. Fantasy hair color is what we're all about and more people everyday are taking on that mermaid life. See for yourself on our Instagram!

If you really want to get those heads turning, add some color to your cut and make your hair bold AF. Take a look at these stunning undercuts, in all their technicolor glory!



Glitter Roots

Whether you're sporting a more conservative color or rocking the rainbow hair, you can pull off the look. For you muggle-haired folks, this is a great way to temporarily give your hair some extra flair for that fun, festival vibe. As for you colorful unicorns, undercut tattoos in fantasy hair can be totally GORG, but let's face it - the growout is REAL. Solution? Add some hair glitter to match that pretty mane of yours! Check out these examples on how to add color without the commitment.




Our amazing Unicorn, Alee, caught a case of Undercut fever! Watch now:


Heard the good news?


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