Henna and oVertone

We couldn't believe our luck when we got a quick email request from friend and Tribal Fusion dancer Sophia Ravenna offering up her hair for some oVertone testing. (photo by Jade Beall) As you can see, Sophia's hair is LONG.  Very long.  She's been using Henna (Lush's Caca Rouge) since approximately 2011, and estimates that her ends have been henna'd approximately six times at least.  She was curious to see what oVertone could do for her ends, and we were eager to see as well! (Pictured: Sophia Ravenna and her LONG ASS HAIR.  Also, "I'm ready for Color" sloppy pants) We decided to test two colors - Extreme Pink Go Deep and Vibrant Orange Go Deep.  We split up about 6 inches of her ends into two parts, and applied! Sophia's ends LOVED the oVertone.  The Vibrant Orange added a punch of color to her coppery strands that made her hair look fresh and happy, and the Extreme Pink gave it a lovely sunset-y tone.  Together, they gave her a look that we dubbed "Raspberry Sunset". Here's what Sophia said about her experience with oVertone: "I totally went into this expecting that it wouldn't work at all and would just leave my ends looking weird. When we rinsed my hair out and saw the gleaming orange and raspberry highlights I got really excited! Turns out henna and fantasy hair colors aren't mutually exclusive. I'm looking forward to showing off a full head of raspberry sunset hair at my next bellydance performance!" Henna Heads everywhere rejoice!  oVertone is for you, too.  What color combos are you mixing on your head?  Let us know in the comments!

oVertone and Gray Hair - Let's Talk Silver

Ah, gray hair. (Natural Silver Sista, from Black Girl Long Hair)   We love our gray haired friends, and even though gray hair is a fantasy hair trend all on its own, some of our naturally silver heads want to change it up with some serious fantasy color!  We can't say we're against that at all - we're fans of awesome hair at any age.   But how DOES oVertone work with gray hair?  Does it work well, does it not work at all?    Well, here's what we know:   1. All grey hair reacts a little differently, because the structure of the strand is very different from the structure of a white-blonde bleached strand. We see some people apply our conditioners to grey and it soaks the color right up. Others have grey hairs that are more stubborn and don't like to take color unless you process with a traditional dye, which contains cuticle-opening chemicals that you won't find in oVertone products.   2. One of our clients had the following advice in the Offbeat Home comment section: "I tried vibrant and extreme purple, teal, and blue samples on my virgin 30-50% grey hair (very healthy, actually white, not grey, nor is it wiry) after the first offer and got some nice results. Leave on for 30 min+ and wrap in plastic or a disposable cap. The color was subtle with vibrant (more like pastel in the white areas) and more noticeable with extreme. Saw no color deposition on my non-white hair (which is dark ash blonde). I didn't try to maintain, but the extreme lasted 3-plus washes after one 30 min treatment, and the vibrant lasted at least 2. Loved the blue and purple colors, teal didn't look as good with my coloring, even though I look awesome in teal. Definitely lots of fun and less messy than chalks for some temporary color fun! Will be using this to restock in extreme blue and purple, which look awesome pieced on my hair."   Do you use oVertone to take you out of grayscale?  Got any tips for those looking to change it up?  We want to know about it, and we want to see it! Post your pics and tag #oVertone so we can check them out and share them with the world!  

Meet Our Banner-Ladies pt 1

  This October we've been doing a LOT of new photos, and we've been having a BALL.  We wanted to give you guys a fresh new look for a fresh new season.  We didn't want them to be mystery people though, so we're making a short blog series to introduce them to you!   Yueh from lazybumToT is first up on our slideshow.  A pastel purple/pink force to be reckoned with, she has got the scoop on beauty and fashion know how.  Get to know her below!     How long have you been blogging?  I started making youtube videos in highschool but didn't really get into it until recently (maybe the last year or two).  What are your favorite types of videos/posts to make? Beauty, fashion, makeup related. Mostly hair because that's what people know me for.  What hair colors, besides pastel purple/pink, do you find yourself lusting over? Dark, long burgundy hair.   Tell us about your favorite fashion piece that you're seeing this season. Crop tops! Whether it be a cropped t or a cropped long sleeve you can pair them with so many different things and they make you look super tall and well proportioned. (coming from someone with an excessively long torso -_-)    Can't get enough of this lady? (We can't!)  Check out the behind-the-scenes video from our shoot below!    Don't forget to subscribe to lazybumToT on youtube for her awesome tutorials, and oVertone for awesome behind the scenes videos, little extras, and more!

From Orange to Blue - How Did She Do?

  So last Saturday we spent about four and a half hours at Escape Salon under the watchful eye and skillfull hand of stylist Tonia Sudbery.   The journey?  Taking Maegan from Orange to Blue, and Liora from Red to Orange. Taking Liora from Red to Orange was easy - since the colors are analogous, there wasn't any competition between the two of them, and the red lifted out of her hair easily, allowing lots of space for the orange.  She's now using Extreme Orange to keep everything nice and bright! ^Extreme Orange - bright, bold, and supah cool. Taking Maegan from Orange to Blue though - that would be a challenge.  So how did Tonia get Maegan from this: to this: Well, lucky for you, we have the whole thing on video!   (By the way, did you know we're on YOUTUBE?  Subscribe to us here!  We have big plans on filling this space with Random Bold Advice, more hair journeys, fashion vlogs, product reviews, and vlogs)   Here were the steps Tonia took: *WE ALWAYS RECOMMEND USING A PROFESSIONAL WHEN DOING SOMETHING THIS DRASTIC* 1. Use Pravana Artificial Hair Color Extractor to remove as much orange as possible 2. Apply bleach to lighten and continue to remove as much orange as possible 3. After rinsing out the bleach, use oVertone Vibrant Blue Go Deep to try and balance out any remaining orange, and provide a cooler base for blue dye 4. Apply Joico Hair Dye in Cobalt Blue, and allow to process 5. Rinse out, finishing up with oVertone Vibrant Blue Go Deep Tah Dah!   You might notice that Maegan's hair has a slightly green/teal ombre effect happening (which we both LOVE) - that is easily explained by color mixing!  Because we were unable to get her hair to a completely neutral tone before applying the blue, the blue combined with the yellow/orange tones that remained in her hair.  We talk a lot about color mixing in this blog article, which we recommend to everyone who isn't familiar with hair dye practices.  Aren't colors rad??   What's the most drastic transition you've ever attempted with your hair?  Have you ever had any exciting and surprising results?

Caught You RedOrangePinkPurpleBlueTeal Handed!

There comes a time in every fantasy-colored life where this happens: Yes. Frightening.  WE KNOW. We have all been RED/ORANGE/PINK/PURPLE/BLUE/TEAL handed at some point.  It's almost a way of life.  And it may have happened to you using oVertone.   We absolutely hate to think of you succumbing to one of the classic blunders (that isn't starting a land war in Asia, or challenging a Sicilian when death is on the line), and would love to tell you our favorite ways to avoid tell-tale finger stains.   1. WHAT TO WATCH OUT FOR Our Extreme formulas are definitely a culprit in the staining battle, especially in our Go Deep formula.  As a pre-caution against colorful fingers (unless that's your game, in which case, awesome) we recommend following the advice below when using any of our extreme or vibrant (to be safe!) formulas. 2. ALL OF THE GLOVES, MOST OF THE TIME  When applying the conditioner to your hair in the shower, use a pair of gloves.  Personally, I like a pair like these.  I keep them in the shower in a small, open tupperware, and put them on just before I apply conditioner, and take them off after I'm done applying.  When I'm ready to rinse out, I stick my head under the shower to dilute with a little bit of water before rinsing out bare-handed.  By this time, the semi-permanent pigment has deposited in your hair, making it easier to touch with bare hands without fear of colorful fingers. Palms/finger tips are so easily stained  due to the thickness/type of skin found there (ask any Henna tattoo artist!), but dyed fingers are easy to avoid!   Got another method?  Let us know in the comments!  

Why Is oVertone Better Than Dye + Conditioner?

  For many people in the fantasy hair color world, before oVertone we were keeping our hair from fading with one of two things: 1. Constant dye touchups 2. A cocktail of dye + conditioner   When people first learn about oVertone and decide to make the switch, the most commonly asked question I get is "Why are the oVertone conditioners better than my mix of dye + white conditioner?"   Great question!    Since I'm answering it all the time, we're adding a blog post to tell everyone the colorful details on why oVertone beats out all of the DIY alternatives out there.   For Vibrant and Extreme users, it's brighter If you use the Vibrant or Extreme conditioners, you're packing a colorful punch! Our conditioners contain between 3x and 15x the pigment that you would be adding with a mix of semi-permanent dye and regular conditioner.   For Pastel users, it's just right every time No more guessing with amounts and mixing just the right amount of dye in to your conditioner to make sure your purple stays more lavender than eggplant. The oVertone conditioners are foolproof every single time. Just throw it on, rinse it out, and watch your hair stay gorgeous.   The color is always even and perfect There are two main problems with a mix of dye and conditioner. Since they aren't formulated specifically to mix together, they don't always soak in to your hair evenly when you apply them. Anyone who has tried this at home will tell you that if you don't mix things JUST right (and sometimes even if you do), you end up with a splotchy result. This has to do with the way conditioner closes up the cuticle of your hair, leaving you with a chance that some sections of hair will take the color much better than others. The oVertone conditioners, by comparison, are specifically designed to give you an allover even and consistent application of color every time.   Zero damage, magical healing Mixing dye and conditioner can add color to your strands, but the heavy alcohols used in semi-permanent dyes really negate the hydrating and healing effects of the conditioner you're mixing in. This means that your hair will stay dry, fragile, and damaged. The oVertone conditioners contain no alcohols or heavy chemicals, so your hair can soak up the color AND the hydration. We want our hair to stay bright, but we also want it to be healthy.   Wash your hair as often as you want Since you're adding a top-notch dose of color and super-dense healing ingredients, there's no reason to skimp on washing. Used to stretching those shampoo rinses as long as possible? Not any more. Suds it up!   More styling options - with or without heat Because you're hydrating and healing up your strands on a regular basis, using the oVertone conditioners means that you can use heat tools and styling methods that you have to avoid otherwise. When your hair is dry and damaged from constantly applying the harsh chemicals of a dye mix, you have to be extra careful with how you style it. Not with oVertone! Heat up that iron and go to town.   Get back in hot water Seriously, you can use hot water to rinse your hair now. No need use cold water to close up the cuticle of your hair and lock in the color. In fact, the oVertone conditioners are actually formulated to work BETTER with hot water. Go ahead - get steamy.   Got more questions for us? Tweet 'em to @oVertoneColor.

Before & After: Electric Eggplant (And Some Fraggle Rocking)

  C'mon, people. It's time to get your purple on.     Technically, we could call this post "Can I Dye My Hair With oVertone: Part III, Slow Boat Edition." Cynthia used our Extreme Purple Daily Conditioner and Extreme Purple Go Deep to go from freshly bleached blonde to electric eggplant.   Step One: Start with light- to medium-blonde hair.   Step Two: Use Extreme Purple Daily Conditioner two to four times over the course of a week, every time you wash your hair.     Step Three: Liberally apply Extreme Purple Go Deep at the end of the week. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and rinse out as normal.   Post by Overtone.   Step Four: Fraggle rock with your bad self.   Purple not your shade? Use any of the oVertone Extreme Conditioners to go from blonde to bright. Don't forget to take before and after shots and send them to us @oVertoneColor!

Before & After: From Orange to Ombre

  This week we're taking a close up of Lindsay's awesome retro hair for an oVertone before and after on how to go from all one color to a gorgeous ombre.     Lindsay started with a bright copper orange color all over. Since she very rarely uses any heat to style her hair, it's in super healthy condition. Because of this, we used Extreme Red and Extreme Orange Go Deep on Lindsay. (SURPRISE: More damaged hair actually absorbs pigment better than healthier hair.)     To get Linsday's ombre look, start by sectioning your hair to make it easier to work with.  Then, apply Go Deep in the color that matches your current shade from your roots to about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way down your hair, depending on where you want the ombre effect to start. Once that's done, start applying Go Deep in the color you've chosen for your ombre to the last 1/2 to 1/3 of your hair. Make sure you apply the conditioner liberally to get a good, even amount of color throughout. Let the conditioner sit for 10-15 minutes and rinse out like normal! Voila!     Don't have orange hair? No problem! You can duplicate this look with any base color. You can add purple ends to your blue hair, purple to your pink, or whatever other combination you can come up with.   When you're done, send us a selfie @oVertoneColor!    

Daily Conditioner Versus Go Deep - What Should I Use?

  Question of the week! When choosing an oVertone conditioner, which one is right for you? Should you pick the Daily Conditioner, or the Go Deep weekly conditioner, or both?      Let's tackle this first: What's the difference between the Daily Conditioner and Go Deep?   The oVertone Daily Conditioner is meant to be just that - a daily conditioner. Use it whenever you shampoo or rinse your hair to replace the color you're washing down the drain. Your strands will stay bright, hydrated, and ready for action.   Our Go Deep conditioner is meant to be a weekly deep treatment, the same way you would use a hair mask. Put it on once a week and soak in the extra colorful, extra hydrating goodness. Go Deep will keep your hair healthy and give it an extra kick of color at the end of the week.   Next, a few questions:   Do the Go Deep formulas contain more color than the Daily Conditioner formulas? Yes. Go Deep has extra hydrating ingredients and an extra pop of bright color.   Can I dye my hair with the Daily Conditioner? You can, but it will happen a little more slowly than it would if you were using Go Deep to do the job, since the Daily Conditioners contain less color and are meant to replace what you wash out in the shower with each shampoo.   What should I use if I want to add color to my naturally colored hair? We recommend that you use Go Deep in the color and intensity that you want until you are happy with the amount of color deposited. From there, switch to using the Daily Conditioner and sub in Go Deep once a week, or whenever you need a color boost.   Can I stop dying my hair altogether if I use oVertone? It depends on the color of your hair. If you are just adding color on top of your natural color - yes. But remember, oVertone conditioners only deposit color. They don't lift or lighten your hair, so if your roots grow in darker than the rest of your hair, you'll still have to lighten them.   How can I keep my hair as bright as possible using oVertone? For maximum brightness, we recommend using our Daily Conditioner on a regular basis and subbing in Go Deep once a week.    How long will my hair stay bright with oVertone? As long as you continue using the oVertone conditioners, your hair will stay bright and bold.    Can I use Go Deep as a daily conditioner? Yes, you can, but keep in mind that Go Deep is very hydrating. If you have fine to medium texture hair, you may find that daily use of the Go Deep conditioners become heavy. If you are looking to add additional color, try the Extreme Daily Conditioner in your shade.   Can I use the Daily Conditioner without using Go Deep once a week? Absolutely. Go Deep is an optional supplement that we recommend because of its hydrating, colorizing, magical goodness, but you can certainly use the Daily Conditioner on its own.    Got more? Send them to us on Facebook or on Twitter @oVertoneColor.