oVertone 101: Shadow Roots

Today, we'll be going over Shadow Roots - the most epic way to cover your natural color, or make a unicorn-worthy ombre!

Eleni, our shimmering water-bender unicorn goddess, decided she was ready to take a break from bleaching her roots, and wanted to create a gorgeous blend of blue and teal.

So, here's a super simple how-to on achieving epic levels of oVertone mastery!


Lets Get Started!


First, we grabbed our tools!

Gloves, alligator clips, applicator brush, a bowl to mix conditioners, Vibrant Blue Daily Conditioner, and Vibrant Teal Go Deep Weekly Treatment.

Then, we grabbed Bella – our resident magic maker, and oVertone hair mermaid extraordinaire – to help with Eleni’s transformation!

Take a look at what we started with:


After mixing equal parts of each of the conditioners to make Eleni's custom Ocean Blue, Bella decided to start applying the oVertone starting at the base of Eleni’s neck, taking little sections of her dry hair, and working her way up to the top.


A huge key to doing solid shadow roots is to paint the color on top of the section AND underneath it – this makes sure you’re getting all the hairs for full saturation and peak color.

Also, be sure that your blending the two colors, so that you don't create a big band around your head! Using an applicator brush makes it easier to blend out product, rather than just using your hands. It's super important that there is space left for the colors to blend - Check out our blog on How to Ombre with oVertone for some sweet tips!

After finishing all the layers of Eleni’s mane, we let the conditioner soak in for ten minutes.

Once we rinsed and styled, it was done!

Check out that blend – it goes from her natural dark roots, to a deep blue, and then a perfect sky blue.

Definitely tag us in any photos of your shadow roots - we love to see your mermaid creations!


See it in action here:

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