oVertone On The Go: Travel Tips

Summer’s here and everybody’s on the move - migrating unicorns, merfolk who’ve traded their fins for some fancy new legs, aliens beaming back to the mothership. And we know you’ve all got one question on your minds:

How do I keep my fantasy hair bold, bright, and awesome while I’m on the go?

Not to worry. I gotchu covered.



If you’re leavin’ on a jet plane, you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re packing your oVertone the right way. Planning to keep your conditioner in a carry-on bag? Keep the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule in mind:  containers have to contain 3(.4) oz. or less of liquid, all containers need to fit into 1 clear quart-size zip-top plastic bag, and only one bag is allowed per customer.

Our Daily Conditioner samples are perfect for carry-ons: at 2 oz. a bottle, they’re well within the rules. To take some Go Deep along, you’ll need to pick up some empty travel-size bottles to keep it in – you can find them at most drugstores.

If you’re taking a longer trip (or you’re like me and have super-thick hair that requires a bunch of oVertone to stay colorful), you can put as many full-size containers as you need into checked baggage.

Here’s the rest of my haircare pack list:

  • kitchen gloves and a small Tupperware container (at Boss Lady Liora’s suggestion)
  • a dark-colored towel
  • hair clips (alligator clips if you've got 'em)
  • color applicator brush
  • coconut oil (or other hair oil) 
  • a non-oVertone deep conditioner (my hair can get super dry – I need it!)

NOTE: Even if they’re going in your checked luggage, put your oVertone and any other product into a plastic bag. I did this as an afterthought and I’m seriously glad I did – my oVertone survived the trip just fine, but that jar of coconut oil popped open on the flight home. Trust me, you don’t want that all over the inside of your suitcase!



Do your hair as often as you need – you’ll just need to take a little extra care. Stain Prevention is the name of the game here – most hotel towels, sheets, and bathroom surfaces are white, and even though we’re all fans of making the world a more colorful place, we’re not fans of getting charged extra for accidentally brightening the décor in your room or AirBnB.

Here’s the how-to:

Apply your conditioner with gloves on, and store them in the Tupperware container you brought – don’t leave them on the counter or side of the tub.

Use a color applicator brush to put oVertone into your hair – it’s a quicker, more accurate way to apply. Grabbing conditioner in your hands comes with the risk of some sliding off your fingers and going splat on the countertop or floor.

Clip your hair up close to your scalp while you’re waiting for the color to deposit. The conditioner is thick enough that it should stay where you put it, but this way if any falls, it’ll be onto your neck and shoulders instead of the bath mat.

Let your conditioner sit on your head for a while – 5 minutes or so for the Daily Conditioner, 10 or so for the Go Deep Weekly Treatment. If all the pigment is allowed to deposit onto your hair, the conditioner will rinse out almost completely clear and not stain your shower a bit!

Dry your hair with a dark towel (or a lighter one you don’t mind staining) that you brought from home. If you’re like me and air-dry your hair, keep it around your shoulders and stay off the bed till you’re 100% dry. If your hair’s wet or damp, the color can bleed a little.

If you’re taking a dip in the pool or hitting the beach, pay attention to these two blog posts about swimming with oVertone – rinse your hair and give it a quick coat of oil before diving in. Salt and chlorine can be brutal on fantasy color – these tips seriously saved my hair. And if you aren’t taking a dip in the pool or hitting the beach, why not? You’re on vacation! Don’t you wanna get in on this?


Happy travels to all you vacationing unicorns, merfolk, and aliens!

If you have your own on-the-go hair tips, let us know!