Meet the oVerlords: Eleni

Ever wonder what's happening in (or on top of) the heads of oVertone's staff? Each month, we're getting one of our resident mermaids, unicorns, or aliens to dish on how they live boldly - and stay that way!

This month we chatted with Eleni, who's part of our Marketing team. There's nothing this mermaid can't do - she directs, produces, films, and edits the videos on our YouTube channel and Facebook page. She also lends a hand with other digital media like photography and design to keep our pages pretty. Follow her on Instagram and Snapchat - she goes by @r0kstar05!


What color(s) do you have on your head right now?

Right now, I'm rocking the Plumberry vibe!


How did you achieve your look? Maintain it? 

My Plumberry is a custom mix of Vibrant Purple Go Deep and Extreme Pink Daily Conditioner, although I'm slowly moving away from cool tones to warm - you can see the color change if you check out my Instagram). It's a process of fading and adding warmer and warmer tones before I move on to my next color!


Favorite color (combo) you've ever rocked? Any plans for what's next? 

I'd probably have to say Vibrant Blue was my fav so far, because I felt a bit like a superhero! I also think it's a very flattering color on really anyone. My ocean blue shadow roots were pretty awesome too, but a lot more time-consuming.

Next up is Extreme Red - I'm planning to make the change with as little bleaching as possible!



How long have you been dyeing your hair? 

Once in college, I dyed my hair black with green highlights - that was the most outrageous I've gone! Once that faded, I went back to my natural warm brown until just about this time last year, when I personally got to experience the awesomeness that is oVertone. In fact, it was Liora who convinced me to try Extreme Red! It gave me a beautiful cherry-cola color, and that was really the beginning of my adventurous hair-color exploration!


Best part of having fantasy hair? 

I'd say the confidence boost.  I feel that it can take a lot of courage to take that plunge to fantasy hair color, but once I did, I loved it! I love trying different colors and when I go out there's always someone that wants to know how I get my hair to stay looking so fresh, or how they wish they were brave enough to do it. I like to try to convince others to try it too!


How about the most challenging part?

Having long hair. It means committing more to maintenance than you would otherwise with natural color, but I still feel in the end it's worth it!


Got any coloring or styling hacks to make working with your hair easier? 

Avoid sulfate shampoos. Seriously. In fact, Co-wash as much as you can. I used to shampoo and conditioner my hair every other day, but in truth, that's not really necessary. Now I only use a sulfate-free shampoo once every other two or three washes (unless I'm intentionally fading) and alternate between oVertone and deep conditioner treatments throughout the week and my hair still feels healthy and smooth.


Give the mermaids, unicorns, and aliens reading this a piece of Random Bold Advice!

Own who you are. No one is you, and that is your power.  So be true to yourself, be kind to yourself, and you will find empowerment in that.  You do you, boo!  


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