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Meet the oVerlords: Bella

Ever wonder what's happening in (or on top of) the heads of oVertone's staff? Each month, we're getting one of our resident mermaids, unicorns, or aliens to dish on how they live boldly - and stay that way!

This month we're here with Bella, Executive Assistant and Queen of the Hair Strands. This mermaid is in charge of quality control and interdepartmental projects, and in her spare time she can be found working some serious hair-styling magic - her handiwork has been featured on our YouTube channel a few times now. Follow her on Instagram as @bellaromeo and Snapchat as @ble520.


What color(s) do you have on your head right now?

Pastel Purple and Vibrant Silver.


How did you achieve your look? Maintain it? 

I started with just Vibrant Silver at first, and I liked it but it was a little dark. Going swimming and spending a lot of time in the sun left me with a super-stellar light gray, and I mixed up my own custom blend of Pastel Purple and silver for a smoky lavender. 

Since I want a lighter color, I only use the Daily Conditioner on my hair - no Go Deep so far!


Favorite color (combo) you've ever rocked? Any plans for what's next? 

I don't pick favorites, but if I have to... it's a tie between Vibrant Teal and my sunset hair (Pastel Purple, Pastel Red, Pastel Pink, and Vibrant Yellow).

Next? I'm gonna do Extreme Blue going into fall, and then add red to it for a burgundy, black-cherry color. 


How long have you been dyeing your hair?

The first time I dyed my hair I was in eighth grade - I went blonde!


Best part of having fantasy hair? 

For me, the best part has been getting to change it so often - it's really easy to add colors and create your own custom mixes with oVertone.


How about the most challenging part?

I’d say the most challenging part is having colored clothes/lipsticks clash with my hair. Like when I had green hair, I couldn’t wear red lipstick – I didn’t like how it looked at all!


Got any coloring or styling hacks to make working with your hair easier? 

I actually just thought of a great way to do an easy oVertone gradient! Wash all of your hair with the Daily Conditioner, rinse, and then do another quick wash with the Daily only on the crown of your head. It's fast and easy - you can do it right in the shower - and it can add some great dimension to your hair!


Give the mermaids, unicorns, and aliens reading this a piece of Random Bold Advice!

Who says you have to have brown or blonde hair? Let’s make having locks of every color of the rainbow the new normal!


Got any more questions for us? Who do you want to hear from next? Shoot an email to hi@overtone.co and let us know! 

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