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Hair Science: Bring on the Heat

Any opportunity to make my color brighter, I take it. Which is why, when I heard of this magic trick to make my color more mermaid-y than ever, I jumped on it!


The theory is: If you apply your color and then apply heat to the strands, more pigment will be deposited.

The heat opens up the hair cuticle and gives each piece of hair an opportunity to soak up even more color.



Different colors are made up of different sized molecules. Generally, the larger the molecule, the harder it is to penetrate the hair strand and keep the color from fading.

Adding heat to your color while it sets makes the hair swell and manipulates the core of the strands to absorb more pigmentation, as well as additional moisture from the conditioner.

It’s also important to seal the hair cuticle back up – especially if you’re applying heat. After you use oVertone, try doing another light conditioning treatment. Rinse that with cool water, and you’ll see the shine and feel the smoothness radiating from your Unicorn mane!

Basically, after using heat (in moderation), your color could compete for fierceness with Mike Tyson’s face tattoo.


Well, we’re all about artistic expression in the form of ink and conditioner, so it was time to put it to the test!


First, we grabbed our tools:

Two blonde strands of hair,

Vibrant Blue Go Deep Weekly Treatment OVertone,

A plastic bag,

And a blow dryer.


We went ahead and applied the oVertone, making sure to saturate every single strand!

After both pieces were loaded up with conditioner, we sat them by the sink and put one in a plastic baggy – obviously, if we were doing this to hair attached to a head, we would use a towel or shower cap instead.

Then we pointed the blow dryer, on low heat, at the covered strand.

Fifteen minutes later, they were ready for a rinse.


Here are the results:



The heated hair (left) was softer and shinier from the moisture in the conditioner, and definitely got a little more color than the unheated strand.

If you’ve got the time, heat up your hair while you use our Daily or Go Deep conditioners! Your strands will thank you.