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Meet the newest members of the oVertone Squad.

oVertone Hair Glitter is literally the bomb.com.  We've formulated it to have not only some serious sparkle and fire, but to be hair hydrating and easy to remove TO BOOT. Inspired by our love of sci-fi and fantasy, each of these colors (with more to come soon) will take your look from muggle to magical.

#TeamMermaid - An iridescent blue glitter blend that gives us fresh from the ocean vibes.  This shade is a mermaid MUST that will bring you to the beach all year.
Narwhal - A jewel-toned violet glitter blend to make all of your amethyst dreams come true.  This shade was named after the unicorns of the sea for its uniquely magical effect. 
Andromeda - A brilliant space-themed yellow gold glitter blend with a subtle rainbow shift.  This shade is a fool-proof neutral metallic that adds multidimensional starlight to any look. 
Our aloe based gel is easy to apply to hair with fingers, transfer proof once it's dry, and easy to remove once you're done!
Get it on, sparkle heads. Go public with your love and #overtone to show us your creations!


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