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Lisannette, the Chroma Caticorn: Part 6 (Pink)


It happened!  It finally happened – I found a hair color that I absolutely hated on my head.  Can you guess which one it is?

If you guessed pink, then DING DING DING!  You win a virtual hug! 

For this latest color transition, I was craving a change.  When I first started my stylist gave me a sweet balayage and I tried to maintain that color pattern throughout this project.  Click here to learn about the balayage technique.   

Changing up my hair meant I had to appease the bleach gawds again, and this time I didn’t play any games.  I paid the extra to get some Olaplex love!  If you don’t know what Olaplex is, you need to GET YO LIFE HERE!  Run, don’t walk, to your stylist and beg them for this magic in a bottle the next time you need to get lightened.  Seriously.

Here’s what my hair looked like before I started fading it. 

It’s such a pretty ruby red color! 


Here’s my hair after I used my regular clarifying shampoo routine.  You can check out the deets on how I fade my color here!


The red faded into a very dusty pink color.


And, here’s my hair after applying a generous helping of Extreme Pink on top, and Vibrant Pink on my ends.


The color came out so BOLD!


I loved the change from balayage to simply an ombre with dark roots, but the color just didn’t look right on me, I didn’t feel like myself with pink.  Each color I tried before I loved more than the last, but for some reason pink did not resonate with me.  I looked like a different person; I’d pass a mirror and do a double take thinking “whoa, what?!” 

Sometimes you just have to give it up to knowing yourself and moving on.  I’m already on to my next color.  If you’re paying attention, can you guess what color that is?!