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Lisannette, the Chroma Caticorn part 3 (Silver)

I'm coming clean, ya'll.  I'm not happy about this...

I used bleach.  That's right!  I had to bleach my hair.

Why? You might ask.  How dare you?!? You might sneer.  And all I can say to that is...


Silver is a SERIOUS pain in the ass!


My original intention was to go all the around the color wheel without bleach by fadingmy hair and using oVertone to transition from color to color, but for this one I HAD to see my stylist.

After my transition from teal to blue, I was feeling really confident that I could make the jump to silver pretty easily!  All I had to do was fade my blue as much as possible, and then just use the Vibrant Silver Go Deep Weekly Treatment all over to get some silver fierceness!  Well, it didn't quite work out that way. *sadface*

After several rounds of clarifying, my hair was holding on to a green tint that would not go away.



In hopes of neutralizing the green tint, I did a strand test of Pastel Red Daily, and while I was at it I also did a strand test of Vibrant Silver Daily, just to see what would happen. 

I'm glad I did a strand test first because while the Pastel Red neutralized the green tint, it also made my hair a lot darker!  I was hoping for a lighter silver color so that meant I had to scrap the Pastel Red toning idea.  

The Vibrant Silver test strand was also a bust!  It made it more gray but in natural light it was VERY green (think Jeffree Star's Dirty Money).

Needless to say, the next day I was on the phone with my stylist hoping she could fit me in for a color strip.  There was definitely a heated internal-debate because I really didn't want to betray the project or my strands.  In the end, my hair was all over the place and I needed help.  Sometimes we just have to admit that our hair looks like poop and just DEAL WITH IT.  So I went.


The Bleaching

Turns out that green is a very persistent pigment and even after bleaching (THANK YOU Olaplex), my hair was still green, only this time it turned out a lime-pastel-y green color.  Had I been going for pastel green I think I would have really liked it!


Key Lime Pie, anyone?


Once the bleach was washed out, she toned my hair with a red liquid meant to tone platinum hair in hopes to further remove some of the green tint.


Looks a lot ashier than before.


After all that, I ran home and applied some Vibrant Silver Daily conditioner, instead of the Go Deep.  My hair was so light that I figured why not try a Daily application first to see what happens.  I skipped the Go Deep Weekly Treatment because it has up to 50% more pigment than the Daily which means the deposit will be much darker, and by using the Daily I was hoping to get those light silvery strands we all covet! <3  

After one Vibrant Silver Daily application.


As you can see the Vibrant Silver Daily did show up in my hair, but the green still showed through in certain lights.  It honestly, didn't look like an improvement at all, and I was starting to get discouraged.


Second times the charm

Before I gave up, I decided to just bite the bullet and do a liberal application of the Vibrant Silver Go Deep Weekly Treatment.  I didn't want to at first but at this point I'd rather charcoal gray hair than Dirty Money strands.




With this application my hair definitely turned gray - the Go Deep was definitely the thing my strands needed.  It took my silvery green strands all the way to granny grey with no green in sight!  It looks great and I would say I achieved my goal, albeit breaking the one rule.

Even though I broke my one rule, I'm okay with that because it just serves to show that trying to acheive silver hair is more of a trial and error experience rather than just putting some dye on your hair and BAM - it just doesn't work like that.

Since silver is a precise blend of colors that when put on pale yellow hair it tones it to the perfect neutral silver color, it's super hard to get the most perfect results if your starting color isn't exactly right - much like me trying to put Vibrant Silver over green toned platinum hair.  Check out this blog post for more info on silver hair!

I'm already planning my next transition to purple, and I'm thinking this next one will be easier than going from blue to silver, since silver is already neutral and my hair is already pretty light.  I plan on fading as much as possible and just hitting it with a MEGA dose of Vibrant Purple Go Deep!  

Stay tuned for more hair sorcery!

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