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Lisannette, the Chroma Caticorn: Part 1 (Teal)


Ah, hair bleach.  

I have such a love/hate relationship with hair bleach.  Mostly hate, but some love.

I love that bleach can get my hair light enough to do beautifully bold fantasy colors, but that's right about where my love ends!  I've had almost every color in my hair since I was an Emo punk kid. There are many tales of changing from one color to another on the opposite end of the color wheel; creating messes that even the most seasoned stylists would cringe at.  

While I can laugh at my missteps now, I can't even begin to think about the pain I put my hair through with constant bleaching and dying - I really wish oVertone existed back in the day.

Well, now that I'm adulting on a regular basis (and mostly not by choice), I feel like my hair routine has to upgrade, Beyonce style - which means less processing and more can-you-pay-my-bills-hair-loving!  

And so, to kick off this year of Upgraded hair I'm going to try something so wild, so crazy, so intense - that it may not even work!  I've decided to go around the entire color wheel using oVertone only.  NO BLEACH WHATSOEVER.  



That's right - do all the colors with no bleaching in between.  You may think it's impossible - I might, too, but that won't stop me!


CAN'T STOP. WON'T STOP, eh, eh. eh, eh


Now, don't get me wrong - I'm still not 100% done with bleaching because I had to lighten my hair to get teal in the first place, but if I'm going to invoke some Bey-level slayage this year, I had to FIRST get my hair right with a touch up, THEN go through with my glorious plan!  


THE Plan

Since I'm starting at teal, my next color will be blue!  After blue, I am going to try silver!  First, I will fade my hair as much as possible by skipping oVertone, using a clarifying shampoo and washing about 2-3 times per week instead of the normal 1-2 times per week.  My hope is that my hair will fade to at least a yellowish green color.  From there I will use oVertone's Vibrant Blue Go Deep Weekly Treatment to transition my hair into a bright blue color!  My thoughts are that if I get my hair light enough the Vibrant Blue Go Deep has enough pigment to overpower whatever green is left behind making it a full, albeit darker Vibrant Blue color.


Here's what I'm working with:

TEAL, starting color


To get the starting color, I had to bleach my hair two times (in the salon, of course) and then apply Extreme Teal Go Deep Weekly Treatment at home for about 15 mins.


Here is my hair before the second bleach:


Here's my hair after the second bleach:


Here's my hair after using Extreme Teal Go Deep

Weekly Treatment for 15 mins on wet hair:


As you can see my hair turned a super pretty green-toned teal that I absolutely LOOOOVVE.  

I'm super optimistic about the next transition!  STAY TUNED to see if I'm able to actually pull off the first transition of many - going from Teal to Blue isn't going to be the hardest one that's for sure!

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