Winter Hair Care Tips

With winter weather comes dry, brittle hair. Here are 6 tips to keep your hair healthy this winter! 

1. Use a deep conditioning treatment more often; at least once a week to replenish lost moisture. Our Go Deep Weekly Treatments are extra-nourishing and contain a boost of color to brighten your hair. Even if you don't use Go Deep once a week, make sure you're deep conditioning on a regular basis. 

2. Wash you hair less often - Use dry shampoo to prevent your scalp from getting too oily. Over washing your hair can dry it out more with colder weather. Even with oVertone to keep it colorful and healthy, too much washing can dry out your scalp and ends. 

3. Make sure your hair is completely dry before you leave the house. Exposing wet hair to the cold will make hair brittle and dried-out. Plus, if your hair happens to freeze, it could cause breakage. 

4. Avoid using hair products with high alcohol or sulfate contents. This will suck out the moisture and contribute to dry hair. 

5. Wear hat or scarf to protect your hair from the elements. Don't wear one that's too tight - it can limit blood circulation to your scalp.  

6. Get regular trims and haircuts. This will get rid of dead, split ends and give hair more vitality. 



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