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Have a Colorful Thanksgiving, From the oVertone Family!

Have a Colorful Thanksgiving, From the oVertone Family!

Thanksgiving is a day in the USA where people settle in for calories, family, and friends. While traditions change from family to family, Thanksgiving is typically a warm holiday where people get together to show support and love for each other, and give thanks for the good things and people in their lives.

2015 has been an absolutely AMAZING year for us here at oVertone, and we have all of you guys to thank for it! We've introduced a few new products, improved and expanded our shipping, grown our team, and gotten to continue spreading the word of "NO COLD SHOWERS."  We've loved getting to see your awesome hairdos through Instagram and Facebook, and can't wait for what's to come!

Giving thanks for what you have doesn't come without acknowledging what others do not. The world is wrecked with tragedy - the struggle for equality, life, and humanity is as challenging as ever, and the fight is exhausting. It's crucial to reflect and act on our responsibilities to help others who do not share our privileges.

This year, we'll be giving 10% of every order placed on Thanksgiving to the American Indian Relief Council. They provide crucial aid to American Indians living on reservations - everything from food for young children and elders, to pre-natal resources, to helping weatherize houses for the impending winter weather.  

We wish everyone a great holiday, and we'll see you on the other side.

All the best,

Liora, Maegan, and the oVertone Team.