How to Safely Fade Your Hair

Fading your hair color is sometimes a necessary part of haircare when transitioning between colors. Here is how to do it safely, and what to expect.

Hair Washing Tips

When washing your hair, there a few things you can do to speed up the process of fading your color. 

1. Swap out your oVertone for a regular white conditioner. You don't want anything depositing color into your hair, so it's time to break out the regular conditioner again.  

2. Pick a shampoo with sulfates. While sulfates are drying to your hair, they also help pull color out faster. Wash with hot water. 

3. Follow up with a really good deep conditioner. Keep your hair healthy and hydrated! Make sure it doesn't deposit any color before you use it.

4. Wash your hair more often. A healthy head of hair usually doesn't require washing it everyday, and by washing less, you preserve more color. Wash your hair as much as possible - Any time your hair gets wet, you should see some color loss. 

5. Get a clarifying shampoo. Again, this can be drying to your hair, so make sure you follow up with a deep conditioner.  

6. If need be, bleach. Since our conditioners are semi-permanent, there is no guarantee that they will fade completely! Fade your hair as much as possible by following the steps above before asking your stylist to bleach the rest out. If it's really bright or really dark color, you will most likely need bleaching to get all the color out!  If you need to transition your hair between colors faster, bleaching is also your best bet. 


How Quickly Will My Color Fade? 

How quickly your color fades depends on several factors. 

1. How porous your hair is. The more porous your hair is, the easier it will take and lose color. This depends on several things - the texture of your hair, how much you've processed it in the past, etc.

2. Type of water used to wash your hair. If you wash your hair with hard water, it will fade a lot faster than washing your hair with soft water. Hard water has more minerals in it that can cause color loss from your hair

3. Amount of time spent in direct sunlight. If you spend only a few mintues a day in direct sunlight, your hair wont fade much faster. However, if you're in direct sunlight for long periods of time, it will take a toll on your hair color. 

4. How often you wash your hair. The more often you shampoo your hair and wash with hot water, the quicker your color will fade.


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