How To Apply a Test Strand

"The best way to see if an oVertone color will work for your hair is to create a test strand. It's a super simple and effective way to see your color results before applying it to your whole head!


Step 1:

Start with clean, dry hair. Make sure your hair is free of hairsprays, oils, and other products. This will make sure your hair is able to soak up as much color as possible without other products or chemicals blocking it. 


Step 2: 

Grab a small piece of your hair and section it off from the rest, clipping 95% of your hair up. Remember, oVertone deposits color wherever you apply it, so make sure your test strand is safely away from the rest of your hair. 


Step 3: 

Get your gloves on and start to apply the conditioner to your hair. Tip: Start as close to the root of your hair as you can, and pull the conditioner through the rest of the strand. This will make sure you get an even applicaiton. Make sure the hair is completely saturated and covered in conditioner. 


Step 4:

Set a timer and hang out for 5-10 minutes (at the very least)! We recommend 5 minutes for Daily Conditioners and 10 minutes for Go Deep Weekly Treatments. If you lose track of time, don't worry - it will just give your hair more time to soak up the color and condition your strands at the same time!


Step 5: 

Rinse! Don't be afraid of hot water. If you see a little color running down the drain, don't stress! Your hair will still have soaked up all the colorful goodness. 



Step 6: 

Dry your hair to see the true colors. Feel free to style as well. 



These steps will give you a good example of what it would look like if you applied oVertone to your whole head! When doing a complete application, remember: saturation is key! Make sure the conditioner is completely covering your strands so it will soak up as much color as possible. 

 Check out the Test Strand Video below! 



Need help, tips and tricks on applying oVertone? Shoot us an email at and we'd be happy to help!