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How to Get Rose Gold Hair With oVertone

Ah, Rose Gold hair. The perfect blend of pink and red mixed into golden blonde that adds a touch of color to your hair without being too dramatic. 

To achieve Rose Gold, you need to start with a medium blonde color. If you're naturally blonde, you're that much closer to Rose Gold! If your hair is darker, bring in hairspiraiton pictures and ask your stylist to lighten you up!  


Rose Gold is the perfect color if you are looking to add a subtle pop to your blonde hair - it comes in several variations and shades and is super easy to maintain with oVertone! 

Here is Ellie Goulding with a more Pastel Pink Rose Gold look: 



You can still see her hair is a very light blonde, but with a subtle shade of pink. To get this color, start with medium-to-light blonde hair and apply Pastel Pink Daily Conditioner to your strands. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes, and rinse! You are officially a Rose Gold Fairy. Below is a picture of our Pastel Pink Daily Conditioner over medium blonde hair. The effect is similar, but a bit more golden because it was applied to a darker blonde. 



Sienna Miller rocks a more red version of the Rose Gold look below: 


To get this look, start with medium blonde hair. Apply Pastel Red to your hair, and let it sit for 5-10 minutes before rinsing. The picture below is of Pastel Red applied to medium blonde hair. 



To get something in between, you could always mix Pastel Pink and Pastel Red together! The combination of those two over medium blonde hair should land you in the middle with something like this:



Blake Lively looks beautiful with her medium Rose Gold hair! If the Pastel Pink and Pastel Red don't quite "pop" as much as you would like, you could always try mixing Pastel Pink or Red with our Vibrant Pink or Red. Remember - always apply oVertone to a strand test of your hair first to make sure you like the color result before applying to your whole head! 


There are so many different ways to rock Rose Gold strands. If you're unsure about your results, see your stylist first! They will be able to help you achieve the color you are looking for, and oVertone will help you maintain it. Don't fret - you can always send our support team an email at for more detailed answers about your specific shade of Rose Gold.

Are you rockin' the Rose Gold look? Be sure to post a picture on Instagram and use the hashtag #overtone, and for a chance to be featured!