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4 Excellent Ways to Rock Pink Hair

Celebrities LOVE the color pink when it comes to their hair. Here is a look at our favorite bubble-gum beauties who have rocked pink hair, and how to ask your stylist to get the look.


Why are celebs drawn to the color pink? Our theory is that pink looks good on nearly everyone because it's a super flattering color! Pink light is an awesome way to make people look beautiful in photographs and movies. By adding pink to your hair, you just added warmth and color to your face that brings out your best features! 

Check out these celebs looking awesome in pink:

Rita Ora is looking stunning in this pastel pink bob!

Color: Pastel Pink

How to Get This Look: Ask your stylist to bleach your hair but leave some space around your roots for the grown in effect. Dye the bleached strands a light shade of pink, and upkeep the color with oVertone Pastel Pink Daily Conditioner. (Hint: To keep your pink hue extremely light, only use the Pastel Pink Go Deep Weekly Treatment when your color needs serious boost, since the Go Deep treatments have more pigment in them than the Daily Conditioners!)

Madonna has had several different hairstyle throughout her career, but we are all about this blonde-to-pink ombre!


Color: Vibrant Pink

How to Get This Look: To get this colorful ombre effect, ask your stylist to begin bleaching about halfway down your strands, focusing on blending the bleached pieces in well with your natural hair. After bleaching, dye the bleached sections a medium pink color. Maintain with oVertone Vibrant Pink Daily Conditioner or Vibrant Pink Go Deep Weekly Treatment, (Hint: Apply the oVertone only to the ends of your hair that you want to keep pink! oVertone deposits color where ever you put it, so be careful not to dye parts you want to keep another color.)

Willow Smith is such a cutie, but she is also fierce in this super-short pink do’!


Color: Exreme Pink?

How to Get This Look: For all-over pinky goodness, ask your stylist to bleach all of your hair, then dye it a bright pink. Maintain with oVertone Extreme or Vibrant Pink Go Deep Weekly Treatment and Daily Conditioner - apply to oVertone to all your of your hair, let sit for 5-10 minutes, and rinse for a continuous bold pink!  Be sure to use gloves if you're worried about staining your hands.

Kelly Ripa was the latest celeb to dye her hair a pretty shade of pink, and we are loving it!

Color: Vibrant Pink

How to Get This Look: Depending on what hair color you are starting with, have your stylist bring you to a medium blonde or lighter using a balayage technique.  Once your hair is light enough, add pink over your new highlights!