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Four Things to Know About Bleaching Your Hair

My goal was to be a beautiful lavender mermaid. That meant I needed to bleach my whole head for the very first time.

Here is me before I bleached my hair. 

This is my Galaxy Hair look. I applied Extreme Blue Go Deep Weekly Treatment to my ends, and Vibrant Purple Go Deep to the bottom section of my hair.

To prepare my strands for bleaching, I faded it out beforehand by washing my hair with shampoo that included sulfates, and didn't apply oVertone for about two weeks prior.  

Bleaching all of your hair can be scary, especially if you don’t know what to expect. Luckily, I've got you covered.


Here are my top four things you need to know about bleaching your hair: 


Lighter Hair = Brighter Color

Bleach brings out the best in fantasy colors - it keeps the pallet of your hair open to receive as much fantasy goodness as possible. The lighter your hair, the brighter your color will appear. The darker your hair is, the more difficult it will be to get your hair light. Talk to your stylist and make a plan of action for what’s best for your hair.

While my hair is naturally blonde, I decided to bleach  my hair so I could get the best, brightest fantasy lavender color as possible. The bleaching process was relatively easy for me because my hair was already light. This meant it needed less time to lift to the white-blonde color it needed to be to soak up as much purple as possible. Remember: Lighter hair = brighter color.



Talk to your stylist the entire bleaching and coloring process. Bring pictures to show them what color you want. Talk to them about your concerns. Most importantly, tell them if the bleach is burning your hair. Your stylist should be keeping an eye on your scalp - if it feels like it is burning and is causing you physical pain, it needs to be washed out!  

The bleach didn’t bother me. It was only mildly annoying, and slightly itchy at times. This is completely normal!


Check Your Hair Habits

I confess, I used to be a serial hair washer. It’s a hard habit to break. If you are a serial hair washer too, now is the perfect time to change that.

At a point, I was really bad with my hair. I used drugstore brand shampoos and conditioners like Dove, and washed my hair with them everyday. After my hair became dried out, I switched to professional products like Paul Mitchell, Redken and Sexy Hair. I noticed a HUGE difference in the quality of my hair.

I continued to wash my hair daily with these professional brands. After bleaching, my hair feels drier than before, however I know it will not be this way forever. I noticed it is not as oily anymore and in need of a break from my serial washing habits.

In reality, washing your hair every day is not good because shampoo can be really drying. Even with amazing products like oVertone, shampooing constantly will strip oil from your head. Yes, a little bit of oil is definitely good for your scalp! When it comes to shampoo, use it sparingly and pay attention to how your hair feels. Every head is different and requires different care and maintenance.



Give your head some time to heal. Don’t wash your hair if possible for a couple days. Make dry shampoo your best friend. Applying hair oils to the ends of your hair - like coconut oil, moroccan oil or argon oil - will give them a much needed conditioning boost and help your hair smell good.

When you are ready to wash your hair, be gentle. Expect color loss - you will see color go down the drain. Don’t worry, it will be easy to put all that color back in with your oVertone Daily Conditioner or Go Deep Weekly Treatment.



What have your experience with bleach been like? Do you have tips on how to repair your hair after bleaching? Share in the comments below! 


To see my complete transformation from Blonde to Lavender, check out this video below!