5 Steps for Swimming with Colorful Hair

Ah - Summer.  Let's all lounge by the pool, shall we?

For those of us mermaids who dig water in the summer, it can be tough for our hair.  What's the point in being a mermaid if you have to stuff all that pretty under a swim cap, or hide in the shade, or (spock forbid it) keep your hair dry?? 

It's cool guys.  We got this.  Read below for our top 5 steps for free-free swimming this summer.

1. Power Shower

We all know that it's good form to give yourself a quick rinse off before you jump in the pool (or lake, or ocean), but how many of us actually do it?  Take this extra step and your strands will thank you BIG time.  During your shower, focus most of your attention on your hair, and rinse out as much product as you can.  Do you notice that you're loosing a little color down the drain?  This is the only time that it's acceptable (don't worry, we'll put it back in later).  This way when you dunk your head, you won't see a cloud of color!  This is also the first step in hair protection - if your hair is already soaked and saturated with clean water, pool chemistry, salt, and other damaging water chemistry will have a harder time getting to your strands.


2. Oil It Up

Post Power Shower, grab your favorite hair oil - we like coconut oil for summer relaxing - and give your strands a light going over, focusing on the parts that have the most damage.  This acts as yet another barrier against potential water based damage.  You don't want to get too glossy with it, but enough that it feels hydrated and nice.


3. Wait It Out

Give that oil some time to soak in - about 5 minutes should be enough!  Use this time to protect the rest of your body - sunscreen, please!


4. Stay Hydrated

If you're out for multiple hours, be sure that you check in on your hair periodically!  Is your hair starting to feel dry?  Apply more oil as necessary.


5. Keep It Fresh

Once you're ready to head inside, go straight to the shower with a jar of Go Deep.  Rinse the day out of your hair, and treat your strands to a luxurious mask.  Not only will it refresh sun and water drenched color, but any damage you did take during the day will be fought back with some hardcore deep treatment goodness.


What are your water ready tips for summer?  Tell us in the comments!


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