How to Mix Multiple oVertone Shades

Guess what? You guys asked for it, and Custom Color Kits are officially here! Each kit includes two 8 ounce Daily Conditioners and two 8 ounce Go Deep Weekly Treatments - one each in two different colors.

With all this custom mixing and experimenting (which we LOOOVE, by the way), what's the best way to play mad scientist? 

We're here to answer your questions on how to most easily use two or more oVertone colors to add or maintain the perfect color on your totally custom head. :)


First things first, consider which two colors you want to mix. The six Custom Color Kits include some of our most popular options, but you can also mix any other shades! Looking to change up your Pastel Blue? Throw some Pastel Purple in the mix for a gorgeous periwinkle color! Want to get more copper from Extreme Pink? Start using some Extreme Orange!

If you've found that you've got a color that is not quite half and half, consider using two different levels of color. For example, our Plumberry Conditioner Kit includes Extreme Pink and Vibrant Purple conditioners for a pinky-purple shade that is a little bit more pink than purple.


Now that you've chosen your colors, how should you mix them? We find that the easiest way to get the best, all over perfect color is to alternate which color you choose every other time you shampoo your hair. So, for example, if you wash your hair every other day and are using the Plumberry Kit, you might follow a schedule like this:


Day 1: Extreme Pink Daily Conditioner

Day 3: Vibrant Purple Daily Conditioner

Day 5: Extreme Pink Daily Conditioner

Day 7: Vibrant Purple Go Deep

Day 9: Extreme Pink Daily Conditioner

Day 11: Vibrant Purple Daily Conditioner 

Day 13: Extreme Pink Go Deep


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