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On Trend: Bright Hair Meets RTW Fashion

We love fashion. We love colorful hair. When colorful hair and fashion meet, we could just have a spontaneous rainbow-gasm of happy (and it's been happening a lot lately).

Bright hair has been all over magazine ads and runways in the last few weeks, and we're totally on board. Here are three of our favorite recent technicolor looks.


Marc by Marc Jacobs

Vibrant teal? Step right this way! The latest run of Marc by Marc Jacobs ads is full of some of our favorite colors (Vibrant Orange, Extreme Red, and Pastel Pink, just to name a few). We are digging these punk-nerdy-chic looks that are super fashionable, but also things we can totally see ourselves wearing. Contrasting plaid? Hell, yeah!


Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott never disappoints for color. In his most recent show, these holy-crap-please-dye-my-hair-this-color-right-now bright and black and totally drool worthy wigs were on display. Personally, I was staring at them for days. Don't know about you guys. The pop art theme of the hair, nails, and makeup at this show have given us some new serious beauty crushes. Who's up for a black ombre fringe bob?


Peter Som

We're usually in-your-face types, but we can dig a little subtle color, too. These rainbow pastel extensions used at Peter Som were just the right amount of pale unicorn magic. Plus, if you need natural hair at work, you could totally hide a few strands (or even a whole panel!) like this in the lower layers of your hair. Keep it down at the office and rock a colorful updo while you're off the clock.


Getting inspired yet? Tell us about your favorites, and what you're doing with your hair next! 

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