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Annette Tells it All - Client Feature!

Annette recently sent us a note about how much she's loving her oVertone, and included a picture of her AMAZING self.

That hair!  That fashion! That lipstick!  That amazing contrasting yellow beam in the background (be still, my heart)!  We just had so many unanswered questions.  So many in fact, that we asked if she would consider doing an interview for our blog.

And guess what you lucky fools - she agreed.

Please tell us your name, age, and where you live!

Annette (@uhnet on both Twitter and Instagram), 32, Los Angeles.

How long have you been dyeing your hair?

Since high school, so half my life!

How many different colors have you tried? What's your favorite combination?

Lots! Everything from pinks and oranges to teals and purples. My favorite was when I had a gradient of blue to purple to pink.

What's been your biggest struggle with having fantasy colored hair?

My hair is naturally black so I have to bleach it before coloring. The ends of my hair are pretty damaged and porous from this, so color fades super fast. That's where oVertone comes in! My other struggle? Keeping my shower clean. It always looks like a can of paint exploded on the tiles... and forget about having nice towels!

How do you spend your days?  Do you find that sometimes having fantasy colored hair can be an obstacle, or does it just add to your awesome?

My days are spent working from home, and nights and weekends are spent watching horror movies and eating Taco Bell. I live in Los Angeles where having fantasy-colored hair isn't uncommon. I actually get compliments on my hair almost every time I go out, which feels great (especially on days when I think I'm having a bad hair day!)

Your hair is such a fabulous gradient - can you tell us how do you apply your oVertone to keep it that way?  Tell us about your sectioning skills!

I keep it pretty simple, really!

Step 1: Separate hair into a top and bottom section. I use a clip for the top part, and I tie the bottom part into a low bun. 

Step 2: Shampoo, rinse, then apply oVertone Vibrant Blue to the top layer and my bangs. I also apply Vibrant Purple to the tips. I then clip it back up, very high on my head, to keep it separate for when I wash and shampoo the bottom layer.

Step 3: Shampoo and rinse the bottom layer. Then apply oVertone Vibrant purple to the ends of my hair (about 1/3 of the way up from the tips) 

Step 4: Unclip the top layer and run a comb through all of my hair. I do this to pull the oVertone Vibrant Blue through to the ends on the top layer so that there's no harsh line between blue and purple. This also deposits a bit of the blue on the bottom layer where I didn't apply any. Then, clip all of my hair up and let it sit while I do other stuff like shave my legs and daydream about future Star Wars movies.

Step 5: Let all hair down and rinse oVertone out. 

Give us a piece of Random Bold Advice.

Hug the people you love like you haven't seen them in forever... every single time you see them. Trust me, nothing beats the warmth of a really good and genuine hug.

How GREAT is this chick?  Thanks for the interview, Annette!  Need more gorgeousness?  Keep up with her and her bold adventures by following @uhnet on both Twitter and Instagram.

Would YOU like to be a client feature?  Send in your picture to hi@overtone.co!  Once a month we'll pick a submitter to interview.