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Where Does Hairspiration Come From? #1 - Disney/Universal


This weekend I'm taking my #overtoneonthego to Harry Potter World and Epcot with the hubs!  While I'm no Disney fanatic (insert myriad of feminist and intersectional issues here), I do enjoy me some animation, European fairy tales, and hard core color use.  Be sure to tune in Monday for the oVertone on the Go video of our travels!

Which got me thinking...where do you guys take your color inspiration from?  We're all sums of our experiences, and we're inspired by things around us!  I've got to think that at least some of you might be inspired by a favorite "Disney Classic" or two, if not even a favorite character from Harry Potter (which, let's be real.  It's clear where my fandom lies #HUFFLEPUFFFORLIFE).  

So, in tribute to this trip, I present to you our first "Where Does Your Hairspiration Come From?" posts with...

Liora's Top 5 Disney/Universal Hairspiration Characters!

1. Ariel, from The Little Mermaid

While I am partial to the original Hans Christian Anderson, Disney's interpretation captured my young heart as a kid.  Desperate to have long flowing locks that I could brush out with my own dinglehopper, I would ask my mom to tie scarves to my tiny ponytail so I could pretend.  Yup, this is real life.

So many people though, when talking about red hair, still use the term "Ariel Red."  Her hair color is a total standard for red, and it was definitely a color we referred to when designing our Extreme Red System!

2. Ursula, from The Little Mermaid

While we're talking about The Little Mermaid, we gotta make sure Ursula gets some serious play!  Many plus size activists and bloggers are calling her up from the depths (as it were) as an icon of fat visibility in pop culture, and I just can't stop digging on that platinum white hair with that silver streak.  See how her gorgeous lavender skin makes her hair look even whiter? LOVE.

As an aside - if you're looking to keep your Very Blonde Hair from looking brassy, check out our Pastel Purple System.  Occasional use will keep those warm tones at bay.  (Bonus: Are we making a Limited Edition Silver System? YOU WILL JUST HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE.)

3.   Merida, from Brave

Merida - my favorite resident Disney badass is totally rocking some Extreme Orange inspiration here.  Aside from her admirable athletic qualities and stubborn streak that rivals my own, Merida has a knack and an impulse for checking things out and going on adventures (which is something every #overtoneonthego chick should envy!)  Don't be scared of an excellent Ginger locks - Maegan and I both know that orange is where it's at.  Check out how they styled her all up in blue - they are playing nicely with contrasting colors to give her hair that extra fire-y pop.

4. Cheshire Cat, from Alice in Wonderland

Purple?  Magenta? Oxblood? STRIPES?  Cheshire cat is clearly not afraid of making a statement.  Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite stories - I've done many a research paper on historical analysis of the series, and the Cheshire cat is certainly an enigmatic character!  Oddly enough, the character is based off of a particular carving where the actual real-life Alice grew up - from some perspectives it looked rather like a grinning cat's face, and when you changed perspectives, the grin disappeared!

Disney's original interpretation is fanciful and wonderfully colorful (while the newer edition is more subtle, electric, and more closely based on the original illustrations).  I can definitely imagine an awesome head of hair based on this playful look.

5. Tonks, from Harry Potter

I love Jenny Dolfen's interpreation of Tonks above all others.  She totally depicted the relaxed, playful, clumsy, and totally mischeivious metamorphmagus the way I pictured when reading the books (again, and again, and again).  Tonks is first described as having short spiky pink hair with the ability to change any part of herself at will.  I think throughout the series she varies constantly between Pink and Purple (though only when feeling cheerful, of course!). 

Tonks is without a doubt one of my favorite characters of the series.


And there we have it!  5 examples of Disney/Universal Characters with some serious Hairspiration happening.  

Got any others?  Who did I miss? Who are your favorites?  Let us know in the comments!

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